Fairy-Tale Trends: Gorgeous Ceremony Space Ideas

Fairy-tale inspiration swirls all around wedding planning. From the dress to the cake, have a celebration straight from the storybooks. Below we have some gorgeous venue inspiration that will highlight your vows while giving you and your guests a breathtaking view.

54e78d408fb79$!400xYou get the best of both worlds in this ceremony. Style and garden flair all wrapped into one beautiful decorated spot to say, “I do.”

54ede487987bb$!400xA wedding on the beach never looked more picture perfect than this gorgeous scene.

54f3dc7f28ee0$!400xBringing together scenic views and modern style, this spot was cultivated and carved right from our dreams.

54f735fb38a7d$!400xYou don’t have to have picturesque views to get a picturesque scene. Just look at this breathtaking space!

54f735fe47704$!600xAnd because one view just wasn’t good enough, the bride and groom get to see all of their loved ones sitting pretty in this crisp and bright room.

54fa0ba76fc0f$!600xRustic in feel but fairy-tale romance in view, this is another beautiful inspiration for both venue and ceremony decor.

544e9eae14c16$!600xThe desert can provide inspiration that’s a bit more unique but still very fitting for a princess in the making.

554d30e987ba4$!600xAnd tropical flavored spaces don’t have to be right on the beach, just take a look at this scene.

548874e51e3a3$!400xOf course the bride in this photo looks like a princess, but the wondrous greenery surrounding the couple was fit for a fairy-tale as well.

5449506bc6c22$!400xWhen it comes to beach weddings, it doesn’t get anymore dreamy or grandiose than this.

photos via SMP