Biscuit Wedding Reception Food Bar

5 Fun Food Bars to Liven Up Your Reception

Wedding receptions consist of two important details: the food and the dancing. Which means, the food has to be delicious and memorable and the music, DJ or band you’ve chosen needs to be entertaining and fun. Today, we’re focusing on the food, as it can be the most expensive part of the entire celebration, but also the most essential for your guests.

There are so many ways to serve up scrumptious wedding food and signature cocktails. Family style at long, buffet tables could be fun or an array of appetizers passed around for a more casual celebration. You can get really creative and really personal with what you choose. Throw in some of your favorite foods!

But instead of buffets or sit-down dinners, let’s inspire your reception with something a bit outside-the-box, like a food bar. And here are 5 fun ones to try!

5 Fun Food Bars to Liven Up Your Reception

Pancake Wedding Reception Food Bar

Pancake Bar

If you’re having an early morning ceremony following by a brunch reception, or if your favorite meal includes a bit of bacon and eggs, this pancake bar may be exactly what you need. Have a chef whip up pancakes on the spot and then have lots of toppings for your guests to choose between. From flavored syrups to fruit spreads, butter and whipped creams … it’ll be fun adding to the bar and creating your very own stack.

Cookie Bar Wedding Reception

Cookie Bar

Grab all your favorite cookies and set them out for your guests! From lemon sugar snaps to oatmeal raisin, the more the merrier. Everyone can grab a bite whenever the mood strikes and this spread can also serve as your wedding favors. Have adorable treat bags set aside for guests to fill with their favorites before the celebration ends.

Mashed Potato Wedding Reception Food Bar

Mashed Potato Bar

Who doesn’t love a giant scoop of mashed potatoes with their dinner? This food bar idea took the wedding world by storm several years back and it’s still going strong. Again, have fun adding the right toppings to the spread and then indulge in a giant helps for yourself. The key? The mashed potatoes have to be delicious: milky, creamy and buttered up just right.

Biscuit Wedding Reception Food Bar

Biscuit Bar

This is another great idea for an early celebration around brunch time or in the evening (because it doesn’t matter when you eat a biscuit, as long as you get to, right?). Create a tablescape full of buttery, slight salty biscuits and add any topping you can imagine. Jellies, flavored butters, chocolate spreads, marmalade and even the right kind of syrup or honey can set off a biscuit.

Taco Wedding Reception Food Bar

Taco Bar

Your main course can even be the “bar” of the night. Have a taco station going up for everyone to grab hot soft or hard bites and then have all the toppings they need to create their perfect dish. From sour cream to black beans, you can get really creative with this idea …. it’s perfect for a summertime fiesta wedding celebration!