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Wedding Games To Give Away Centerpieces?


Dollar bills used to win centerpieces??

Hi I was wondering about the game where a dollar bill is used to win the centerpiece. Usually the dollar is passed around the table or someone runs around the table with it. Are there any specific rules to the game?

Thanks – Tom

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I’m not sure if this is the game you’re referring to but you can have the DJ play music while each table passes the dollar around their table and when the music stops the person holding the dollar bill gets to take home the centerpiece.

Another way to give away the centerpiece is to place a sticker under one chair from each table. Obviously the person sitting in the chair with the sticker wins the centerpiece.

One more: Person with the birthday closest to the wedding date wins.

Have fun!

Wedding Reception Centerpieces

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Here are some game suggestions….

First to the Buffet Table

Place a color sticker underneath each of our floral table centerpieces. As the dinner portion of the reception began, the emcee calls out a color. Whichever table had the color sticker that matched the color the emcee announced, the guests sitting at the table were allowed to line up at the buffet table.

Take Home the Table Centerpieces

To determine which guests got to bring home the table centerpieces, emcee asks a question. The guest who answers the question correctly, gets to bring home the table centerpiece. For example, the emcee can ask the question “Who is carrying a picture of their mother-in-law in their wallet?” The first guest to raise their hand and show proof, is the lucky winner!

Musical Money

This game can be played for the table centerpieces at a formal shower, or at a wedding reception. Have your DJ or a shower guest play some music while you tell ONE person at each table to take out a dollar bill. As the music begins, pass the dollar around the table, make the direction of the dollar bill change a few times, and then much like musical chairs, when the music stops, the action stops. Have the person holding the dollar bill stand up, and all those standing must submit to a game of “Simon Says” (this is your chance to make your friends do some really crazy things!). After the people have been put through the ringer, say “Simon Says go back to your table. Simon says give the dollar back to the person who took it out of their wallet, because THEY are the person who wins the centerpiece!!!!” Everyone will get a good laugh at the fact that these people did these silly things and STILL did not get the centerpiece… makes for great photos as well!.

Chicken Dance with Unsuspecting Dance Partners

Count the number of tables at the reception. Place a number under a chair at each table. Make sure that each number has a duplicate number at another table (example two #1’s, two #2’s….). Have the DJ announce to look under the chairs for a number and call the number holders to the dance floor. Pair off the people with the matching numbers and have them dance the chicken dance with their unsuspecting dance partners !!!


This game requires that the entire party pay attention and work together. This enables people to get to know one other. It may sound a little complicated, but in actuality it’s not.

1) the DJ divides the room into two sides/teams. You can label each side Team A and Team B. 2) Each side should have the same number of tables. Each table is labeled and has a corresponding table on the other team. So for example, both Team A and B have Table Pink, Purple, and Blue, etc. 3) Each corresponding table from each team has a card on the table with a question. 4) Everyone sitting at the table appoints someone to be their Table Spokesperson or Leader. The tables work together to answer the question. 5) The DJ calls the representative from Table Pink from both sides. Interviews them and asks them to answer the question. 6) For each correct answer, that team gets a point. The team with the most point wins.

The great thing about this game is that people can get to learn things about the bride and the groom, and it’s a way to get people to participate. You can have a lot of fun with this game.

Have fun!

Wedding Reception Centerpieces

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