woman wearing sapphire ring holding hands

5 Gorgeous Diamond Alternatives for Your Wedding Ring

Some of the trendiest pieces of modern-day weddings are the ways in which tradition has been nixed and unique personality has been infused. And all of that personalization can begin with the ring. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, sure, but so are all of the other stunning gemstones that fill out Mother Nature’s rainbow of both texture and color.

For those that want a “beyond the confines of tradition” experience – any style – we’re sharing some gorgeous diamond alternatives for your wedding ring. Sapphires, rubies, and more, check out some of our favorite choices.

Check Out These 5 Gemstones


sapphire ring

Kate Middleton did it, so why can’t you? Sapphires are rich, deep blue stones that are known to symbolize wisdom, sophistication, and virtue – none of which will ever go out of style. Whether it’s your engagement ring or you’ve decided to dress your wedding band in bouts of blue sapphires really are fit for a bride.

Even this dainty and delicate Vera Wang sapphire wedding band will give your bridal set a punch of pizazz that you may be craving and searching for. It’s a beautiful mix filled with diamonds and found exclusively at Jared.


pearl ring

Pearls are an interesting choice but truly fit for those with nostalgic spirits. And what’s so beautiful about this stone is its meaning. Known as the “stone of sincerity,” is there really a better way to seal this lifelong promise than with a symbol of honor?

There are so many deliciously gorgeous designs on Etsy that fit this bill. Pearls set with diamonds, rubies, or on their own in a stunning, yellow gold setting. This one in particular we find the most charming of all. It’s a vintage piece set in rose gold with Victorian flair.


ruby ring

Rubies can be much more expensive than a diamond, and much more rare. A quality ruby is rich and red. It’s also one of the most durable of gemstones. And do you know the legend? If you rub a ruby on your skin it will restore youth and vitality. It’s also known to be a sign of love, passion, and life; making it a wonderful choice to symbolize a long life by your love.

Over at James Allen, you can check out a trove of beautiful ruby engagement ring and wedding band designs. Our favorite comes in the form of this modern, halo piece set in white gold.


aquamarine ring

An aquamarine wedding or engagement ring is one of the trendiest and most popular options. In fact, we’ve seen its rise to stardom over the last few years. Depending on its color, they can also pass as diamonds. But, be warned, although they can be rather beautiful – in nearly any setting – aquamarines can scratch and show signs of wear over time.

Is this band from Shane Co. not perfectly unique and gorgeous all the time? It’s a budget-friendly price point but without losing any curbside appeal. And this one is placed in 14k gold alongside diamond accents.


tanzanite ring

And finally, there’s tanzanite, which is an option that there’s no way you could regret. The deeper the purple, the rarer and more expensive the stone. What’s interesting about these pieces is that they’re the only gemstone in the world that can sparkle and shine just as much as a diamond.

Helzberg has some beautiful options to sort through. We seem to fancy this limited edition Effy design that’s been placed in rose gold and featured with diamonds at its side.