Brother Of The Bride: Wedding Speech Tips

wedding speech brother of bride
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Weddings are events where a couple gets to share their romantic day with friends, family and loved ones. A event that many consider the most important of their lives, it’s an honor to be invited to a wedding.

It’s an even greater honor when asked to deliver a speech! Speeches are given after the couple exchange their vows during the church service, as well as during the reception.

The Brother of the bride wedding speech is a common wedding speech example, with other speeches generally given by the best man and maid of honor, father or mother of the bride or groom, siblings to the couple or any other close family and friends.

brother of bride speech

The Brother of the bride wedding speech is one where a brother takes about what makes his big or little sis so awesome. One of the shorter wedding speeches, it may be given by the bride’s brother in place of the father. This speech should begin with congratulating the couple on their hard work and planning.

It should sound personal and highlight a few fun childhood memories.  The brother also gets to welcome his new brother-in- law to the family. If the brother and the couple have the same sense of humor, he can make a few jokes without embarrassing them, or add a love quote or two. Finally, he should congratulate them as he welcomes another family member to give the next speech.

wedding speech brother of bride
photo credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via photopin cc

Writing the speech out is always a good idea! Rehearse it as well, including in front of others. A brief statement of loving feelings and good wishes towards the couple is always recommended, while a few love quotes and/ or jokes may be included to make it less formal. The brother of the bride wedding speech can be casual while still allowing the brother to tell the couple how sincerely happy he is for them!

Example Brother of the Bride Speech

“…For the sake of those who do not know me my name is [name]. [Bride’s name], the bride is my younger sister. I feel privileged to share in this beautiful occasion and very honored to give a speech. On behalf of the entire family, I would like to take this opportunity to invite [Groom’s name], my new brother in-law into our family. Some of the fond memories I have of my sister include the day she removed her braces and she kept smiling at everyone saying how her teeth were beautiful…”

This speech is brief, balanced and provides all the necessary goodness! Hope it helps!

Example Funny Brother of the Bride Speech

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