Matron of Honor Speech Example


There are a lot of things to do as a matron of honor and maybe the most important is the speech. Check out our example below for inspiration and the structure article that we prepared exactly for this occasion:

Hello everyone, I’m happy that I had the opportunity to here. I am the sister of the bride called Kimberley and the matron of honor. I would like to thank all of you for joining Alyson and Greg in celebrating this amazing day. When Alyson asked me to be her matron of honor, I can’t tell you how excited I was. I knew that the job would let me share this day with my sister to be a part of all those special moments that come at such a massive wedding. I knew it would be an incredible day and all of you know that Alyson and Greg know what I know that it would be one laugh after another, after another. But what made it truly special was that I have to get to share this day with you Alyson.

The girl I always wanted to be and the woman I’ve always respected. I’ve always looked up to you, you’re my big sister. We may not look like twins anymore like everyone said we did in the old pictures. But the way you cherish life and love is something I try every day to bring into my own life. Greg, that was earnest of me that made me realize how special you’re to me and my sister. The first time I heard her say your name, it was with the widest smile I’ve ever seen. What I love since you came into her life is that your smile and joy has never faded.  When I knew then I had seen with my own eyes as you shared holidays, birthdays and weekends with our family is that your love Alyson makes her happier than I’ve ever seen her in my life.

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And I mean, how couldn’t it? Have you heard their engagement story? They’re on YouTube lately, watched ABC news; some people put their ring in the dessert or propose over a candlelit table. Not Greg, he needed a matching band in the middle of New York City to tell Alyson how much he loved her. It was a perfect story but not because of how big it was, not because of how many people liked it on YouTube but because it was so perfectly Alyson’s and Greg’s.

When I tried to think about what a matron of honor is supposed to do to think of someone for some important advice for your new life together, to share some of the important lessons that I’ve learned in my six years of marriage I realize something, that love you that you both have, that hilarious laugh all day, sometimes over the top passion for life in each other make part of this speech very easy. Because   my first piece of advice is to never stop laughing, can you think of a couple that makes this part seem so easy? I’ve never seen two people who smile, laugh and enjoy the moment as much as the two of you.

Enjoy every moment with each other, cherish them.  When he doesn’t want to eat his vegetables out, laugh. We she wants to spend first salary on sweaters for yours, laugh. Because if you can manage to laugh at each other with each other, you’re doing just fine; that laughter love could carry you through the ups and the downs and wearing a smile makes everything seem better. Second, never forget that marriage is a give and a take. It’s adapting to the changes that life brings your way. Again, this one isn’t unusual to them at all, is it? A New York City girl moving not to a new state but also a new country, a new language; for some people that would be hard but not for Alyson and Greg.

At the core of their love is the belief the sincerest conviction that between the two of you everything and anything can be made perfect. You can’t predict what life would be bring but with God and your love for each other, you can adapt to find good in everything, to build a loving and blissful relationship between husband and wife and of course–dare I say –the kids. Third, embrace the little things, the times that he opens the door for you or gives you his coat when it’s cold outside for hours after a hard day, the times that she sends you an unexpected text saying what you mean to hear; take those moments and cherish them. Measure the hope in one fabric, the unexpected smile and the flatter of the heart and then never let it go. Because it’s those little things that will always remind you the most of how blessed you’re that God gave you each other.

The purity of love is that there’ll never be enough   words to describe it but those moments are always enough to bring you back to how special you are to each other. Those times, those small gestures; well, they could be breathtaking. Finally, always remember that God brought you both together for a purpose. Love is powerful; it’s the virtue that holds all others together. Whatever plan that God may have for your futures, you know it’s certain to you that he gave you each other to get there as a couple, to love each other, to support each other, make each other stronger and to feel a journey with the joy and smiles only the two of you can have. So, ladies and gentlemen, would you raise your glass with me and toast to Alyson and Greg.

Alyson and Greg grow more love for each other and every day become close to each other as you explore the immeasurable happiness and unconditional love that God has for both of you. To Alyson and Greg. Thank you.

Host: Let’s give a round of applause to Nicole and Lauren, our maids honor.

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