Wedding superstitions and traditions

There are lots of superstitions that surround a wedding and we’re certain that you have a general idea in what concerns these. Also, let’s add that you’re going to have fun while you’re going to read this topic and it would be a pity not to be astonished in what concerns the elements and details exposed here….

First of all, the groom shouldn’t see the bride dressed in white, only in the wedding day. If he sees her, he’s going to loose her like Orpheus lost his girl.

It’s not ok to make pictures with you dressed in the wedding gown before the wedding.

The bride’s veil shouldn’t fall because it’s believed to bring bad luck.

It brings good luck that the bride should wear a veil that was owned by a happy bride.

In the wedding day it’s bad to wear peep toe shoes or sandals, because it’s told that your luck is running away from you.

In church, the dance around the table the groom and bride stumble their footsteps and the one that is tripped for the first time, he or she is going to lead in the matrimony.

In the wedding night the bride shouldn’t change her slippers because it’s told that she is going to change her man.

Good signs for weddings are- good weather or to rain during the wedding day (rain meaning richness), the bride and groom should see a rainbow or a black cat.

Crying in the wedding day brings good luck.

It’s not good to make your wedding in May, because the marriage is going to fade away exactly like the flowers of the trees.

If you’ve been bridesmaid three times, then it means that you’re not going to get married- don’t get scared it’s only a superstition.

The bride shouldn’t wear pearls in her wedding day, not on the dress or as accessories. These considered bringing tears.

There are some other signs that are considered to be bad for the bride: seeing an open tomb, a nun or a monk.

Marrying in the birthday of the groom and the bride brings bad luck.

It’s not ok to drop the rings down, as unlucky is this happening of forgetting your rings home, or worse, to loose them.

Braking glasses scare the bad luck.

The brides shouldn’t knit their own wedding dress.

The one that is placed in the corner of a table is not going to get married not even he’s wiped accidentally.

At the church, if in the same day take place several weddings, the brides shouldn’t see one and other when they get out of the church, because they’re going to have bad luck. If it happens, you have to exchange hair pins with that bride.