Five “Passé” Wedding Trends Making a Major Comeback

They say if you wait long enough, everything comes back into style. This holds true even with weddings — though thankfully, we’ve sidestepped a rerun of Di-style puffy sleeves!

Read on to learn which once-discarded wedding trends have come back into style. Who knows, you might even find some of these playing a charming act two in your own wedding.

Romantic Retreads

Bridal gown fashion follows cycles, just like any other type. A few years ago, most high-end gowns were streamlined, minimalist creations crafted from fabrics like silk mikado or satin. But these days, brides are craving a little more frivolity, so one of the biggest bygones to stake out fresh territory is the tulle skirt.

Tulle skirts — incredibly popular for years — had fallen by the wayside, being deemed too “bridey” … even a tad tacky. But not anymore! These days, a flood of tulle is issuing from virtually all the top ateliers. So if you always loved tulle’s lighter-than-air look, you’re in luck.

Here’s another bridal gown trend that’s come back into vogue: less sparkle, and more artistically-worked fabric. Sure, you’ll still find plenty of ballgowns with heavy silver embroidery and rhinestone beading, but today’s gowns are trending elsewhere.

Instead, designers are turning to details like ruffles, fabric flowers and pleating to make a statement. A fitting complement to the softer feeling of today’s bridal gowns is lustrous pearl jewelry, either classic or contemporary, depending on the cut of the gown.

A Commendably Tasty Trend

Another notable trend making a comeback (and not a minute too soon): the buttercream wedding cake.

The Every Last Detail

After years of folded, quilted, cement-like fondant, brides are tilting back toward the traditional buttercream, which actually looks like, well, frosting.

Another plus: buttercream is miles tastier, and easier on the budget. The classic buttercream cake looks simply elegant topped with beautiful fresh flowers, or even a vintage bride and groom cake topper.

Seating Styles

When it comes to weddings, even table shapes wink in and out of fashion. You’ve doubtless noticed that round tables for 8-10 guests have fallen from favor. So what’s the new “it” table? Those long, rectangular tables of yore.

Of course, not everything has swung back to the past; today’s rectangular tables are likely to prop up some very contemporary centerpieces. Try alternating high and low floral arrangements to keep your tables fresh and interesting.

Favor Fashions

Even wedding favors see trends come and go. For a time, it was keepsake-style favors like silver picture frames that were all the rage. Now the pendulum has swung back to edible favors. Whether it’s an elegant pair of truffles or a mini-jar filled with jam you made with your own two hands, guests always appreciate a tasty favor.

The newfound popularity of these cast-aside trends just goes to show: even if it takes a leave of absence, a good idea will always find its place. So use some of these “re-trends” to enhance your wedding, if you like. After all, that’s what weddings have always been about: blending timeless traditions with modern sensibilities.

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