Surrounding Love: Unique Ceremony Seating Arrangements


Forget perfectly straight lines and “his” and “hers” sides. Switch up guest seating at your ceremony for a sweet surprise that will have your family and friends guessing what other non-traditional touches are around the corner. From shaking up how seats are physically arranged (think semi-circles, standing and spirals) to what guests are actually sitting on (think comfy furniture and recycled church pews), couples are thinking outside the lines to arrange their guests how they please.

Here are some set-ups we love:

CIRCLE OF TRUST: Everyone gets a better view of the action with semi-circular theater-style seating.

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SPIRAL: What bride doesn’t want a longer walk down the aisle, and what guests don’t want an up-close look at her? A spiral arrangement is a win-win.

Unique wedding Set Up at Atlantis, Bahamas.

CHAOTIC CHARM: Everything is wrong and right with this set-up.

bride and groom with mixed chairs // event design by Glitter + Rye // chairs from vintage sources and Rent Patina

DOWN-HOME: Yes, country-chic weddings are still trending with couples. The best way to pull it off is if you actually get married on a farm and can use working props like hay bales for seating.

hay bales for seats--just make sure there are no snakes rolled up in those bales!

ANTIQUE AISLE STYLE: Renting mismatched furniture is majorly trending with brides and grooms. We love how this couple opted for seating with similar rich wood tones and garlands of greenery to string it together.

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BEACH SEATING: This island-style approach feels more appropriate for a beach wedding than white slipcovered banquet chairs.

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