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Before I'll Stop Loving You
by Anthony Little and Barbara Rothstein
Specially written and performed love song for couples who have been together for a long time. Perfect music for an anniversary dance and for a wedding vow renewal song.
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Can't believe it's been years since the day we met
Just havin' you here... oh time's so easy to forget
When I look into your eyes
In that private world we share
Eternity can fly right by
And I will still be there

You could stop the stars from shining
Stop the sun from rising
Stop the thunder rolling through the blue
You could stop a river flowing
Stop the wind from blowing
Long before I'll stop loving you

With every day that rushes by my love is twice as strong
I'll be by your side when the last sunset's gone
There's nothing I won't do
Nothing I won't give
To keep on being there for you
As long as I live


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