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It Happens in a Heartbeat
by Gloria Sklerov & Barbara Rothstein Vocal by Teresa James
The newest wedding song from Wedding Music Central for the mother and son (groom) dance. MP3 downloads, CD and sheet music available. Take a listen.
On your first day of school not long ago
I held back all the tears I didn't wanna show
Some moments live forever
I still see you there at play
Those imagined trips on little rocket ships
Seem like only yesterday

It happens in a heartbeat, the boy becomes a man
All I did was turn around and let go of your hand
And here you are
Everything a man is meant to be
All I ever dreamed of, smiling back at me

There are feelings only mothers ever know
Like the secret pride I felt through all the years I watched you grow
And now we're at this moment
A new chapter has begun
My dreams for you are all coming true
Because I know you've found the one


And here you are
Everything a man is meant to be
All I ever dreamed of....
Everything I dreamed of.....smiling back at me

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