wedding mishaps
photo credit: jimray via photopin cc

Anticipate in Adelaide: Prepare for Potential Wedding Mishaps

wedding mishaps
photo credit: jimray via photopin cc

Prepare for Potential Wedding Mishaps

No one can question how amazing Adelaide is as a wedding venue – couples can choose from country clubs, hotels, wineries, restaurants, botanic gardens, pavilions, waterfalls, zoos, farms, historic buildings, and ancestral homes. Still, even in an idyllic location — prepared meticulously, with careful, conscientious attention to detail, geared to every whim of the bride and groom – something can go wrong. One might just give in, and adopt that half-empty adage: something always goes wrong.

It’s true. No matter how experienced the wedding planner and his/her minions, they can’t control the elements or, if you believe such things, fate. Is disaster lurking amongst the many wedding venues in Adelaide? What, could possibly go wrong, if the event was well-planned and organized? Let us tell you: plenty.

What Could Go Pear-Shaped

  • Bridal expos
  • The celebrant
  • The ceremony music
  • The reception music
  • The fashion
  • The flowers
  • Hair
  • Make-up
  • Bridesmaid selection
  • Groomsmen selection
  • Hen party – guests and locations
  • Buck party – guests and locations
  • Limousines – modern or vintage
  • Photography – traditional or edgy
  • Rings and Jewellery
  • Stationery
  • Video
  • Venue

Perfection is in the Preparation

Whatever the view, the budget, the inherent glamour and charm, and the right choice of wedding venue in Adelaide, a bridal couple may not be able to escape providence’s implacable grip. While most celebrities shield any wedding mishaps from the prying eyes of the press, stories manage to leak, and in some cases, flood out, for the public to relish.

For example, consider the 1980 gasp-inducing first view of then-Lady Diana Spencer’s much-anticipated wedding gown — everyone’s first impression? The dress was unquestionably, and utterly, wrinkled.  The car, which drove Diana to the front doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, probably wasn’t designed to house a 25-ft train (the longest in royal-wedding history).  Today, an artful wedding consultant, would have, in his/her well-planned arsenal, a hand-held, battery-operated steamer, to erase major creases.


Celebrities Aren’t Immune to Wedding ‘Disasters’

Most reported celebrity wedding “mishaps” are fashion related. Examples of what are often held up in horror include:

  • Whitney Houston’s and Celine Dion’s helmet-style hairpieces
  • Rita “Mrs. Tom Hanks” Wilson’s and Sarah, Duchess of York’s excess of product,  and too-curled mops of hair
  • Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman’s teen-aged bride Mandy Smith’s and “Jordan” aka Katie Price’s choices of abandoning traditional white for lavender-hued gowns
  • Singer Josh Kelly’s serious facial gash (against actress bride Katherine Heigl’s wishes, he’d gone skiing, and ran into an errant tree)
  • Actress/singer Hilary Duff’s day-before-the-ceremony tooth loss
  • Elizabeth Taylor’s overzealous halo string of flowers, in which she became entangled, during her (second-time) vows with Richard Burton

Resolve: have miracle doctors and dentists on speed-dial, and learn the ultimate diplomacy in dealing with fashion faux-pas-determined brides.


photo credit: jilleatsapples via photopin cc
photo credit: jilleatsapples via photopin cc

Solutions Can Be Simple

Unlike celebrities, average couples do suffer similar “unexpected” deterrents, which a sharp wedding planner can combat:

  • Bird poop, spills, dirt on cuffs and hems —  in any good planner’s magic bag (think Mary Poppins), he/she has a stain remover stick and wipes loaded into the bridal emergency kit, along with mints, a sewing kit, concealer,  clear nail polish (to stop runs in hose) ,and much more
  • Venues being double booked or an outdoor ceremony rained on – always have a back-up plan (it should be the first lesson taught in wedding-planner school)
  • Pianist/quartet/organist doesn’t show up – be sure you have a “mix-tape” (i.e. on your iPhone/iTouch/iPad, etc.) appropriate for the wedding ceremony itself as well as the reception. Don’t forget the player with a speaker, too
  • Food/décor/colors were not as discussed – make sure the couple has detailed and specific contracts
  • Dresses/tuxes/shoes/ties that don’t fit – have everyone in the wedding party (family, too) try on their wedding garb at least a week to three-days before the wedding. Have seamstresses and back-up shoes prepared.
  • Need to make a change – have a separate phone list for the wedding couple with contact names and numbers the wedding party, attendees, vendors, celebrant, etc..

A good planner can delegate better than a politician: make sure bride and the groom have, at their disposal, someone from the wedding party, specifically designated, to be their personal attendant at all times. The bottom line? A planner is practiced and prepared, always.