This is How You Write and Deliver a Sister Wedding Speech

Write and Deliver a Sister Wedding Speech

How to Write & Deliver a Fantastic Sister of the Bride Speech

Sisters share a common lineage that makes them partners and friends for life.

It goes beyond being described as close or as members of the same family. A sister’s wedding presents an opportunity to make her feel special and enjoy a uniquely sweetly-worded sister wedding speech.

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The Basic Outline of Your Speech

When it’s time to get up in front of all of the guests and deliver a heartfelt speech about your sister and her new husband, things may get a bit emotional. But, if you plan appropriately, you’ll be prepped and prepared for when the tears start to roll.

Start out with this basic outline and start jotting down some major points you don’t want to miss out on once the emotions start to flow.

  • Welcome & Thank You: Start off by welcoming all of the friends and family who came out to celebrate as well as a thank you to everyone who helped make the big day special.
  • A Walk Down Memory Lane: Include fond memories about your relationship with both your sister and her new husband. Include stories from your childhood and “how they met” jokes.
  • Bragging Rights: Gush about your sister and make her glow!
  • A Toast: Cheers to the happy couple. End your speech with some heartfelt wishes for a long and happy marriage.

Writing Your Introduction

When you are planning to deliver a sister’s wedding speech, make sure you keep the moments as lively and simple as possible. Don’t be afraid to be funny and people always love the hearty side.

Start by stating the relationship you share, if you are older or younger to the bride. Having done this, extend some few words of congratulations to the couple on behalf of your family and remember to thank your guests and relatives for coming.

Here’s a Sample Intro to Get You Started

Good evening everyone! Firstly, I’d like to take the time to thank all of you for coming and celebrating this beautiful new marriage. There were so many of your who had to travel and make special arrangements to come and we so appreciate you.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Alice and I’m the bride’s big sister.

Midway Through: Time to Make a Personal Connection

To the meat of the speech, share some of the intimate and personal stories that centres on the bride, stating her position in the family and the years between your siblings. It will be great throwing in some fond memories from your trip together on holidays or Christmas experiences. Never forget your most memorable outings or time together, they can be really touching and funny!

Be creative with words and while keeping it simple, use your narratives to take your audience with you down memory lane and project a positive feeling that you’ll retain your closeness in spite of getting married.

If there is an adventure that you share with your sister that doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth, here is the good ground to play around it. Take the words deliberately and try your utmost to paint the scenery once again, keep it flowing and allow your guests travel down the past with you. Just be sure to keep it warm, hearty and worth listening to.

Being Funny is Okay, but Don’t Overdo It

When I was five years old, I was over-the-moon to be getting a little sister. I was so excited to always have someone to play with. I was so excited to have someone to grow up with. And I was even more excited to always have someone to blame things on.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I would have to end up sharing a room with her one day. I also didn’t anticipate the constant mess that would follow me around for the all the years that she was my roommate.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Something Heartfelt

Sometimes it was hard for a 15 year old and a 10 year old to relate. She’d drive me crazy. She’d steal my diary and then lose it. I found it in the fridge, the dryer and underneath the dog bed all within the same week. But although all of those little things frustrated me and had me pulling out my hair, I look at her now and I am in awe of the woman that she’s become. Watching her go to prom, graduate high school and then college, watching her fall in love with Joe and land her first “big girl” job, I’m so proud.

Here’s a Sample Midsection to Get You Started

Our relationship has always been solid. We fought, of course, but my memories are filled with giggles and hugs and secrets. Although we shared a room for nearly 10 years and were completely sick of each other when she moved off to college, she’s always been my favorite person.

Whens he brought Ben home that Christmas, I knew this was it for her though. I’d never share a room with her again. And I wouldn’t ever share an apartment with her after we graduated college either. She had already found her forever roommate two months into freshman year.

How to Make Your Sister GLOW!

The attributes of your sister needs to be projected, and you don’t have to give her an oversize-garment she has never worn. Everyone has one strong point or the other, so, take some diligence and make sure that you pick out a few that fits your sister enough to make her glow on her special day. Point out how her attributes will be a plus to her spouse and say this with exhilaration.

Share a Funny (and True) Story

Having a sister nearly eight years older than you can be rough sometimes. It’s like having a second mom around for your entire life. In fact, she’s so “mom-like” that she may have cleaned up my vomit more times than our actual mom did. There was that one time on a road trip that I infamously ran into the Dunkin Donuts bathroom and hurled into a urinal, only for me to turn around and find Donna standing at the door laughing. She proceeded to clean me up, ordered donuts for the family and got back in the car. But that’s just who she is. She’s a nurturer, she finds the humor in the worst situations and loves unconditionally.

Here’s a Sample to Get You Started

Even though Elsa’s been away at college for the last decade, she’s still the first person I call with good news or bad or just when I need advice. She’s the first one I call when I need to vent or cry or be told to suck it up.  She’s that person to more than just me, which is a testament to her spirit. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her .

Wrapping Up Your Speech: How to End Like a Pro!

In making your conclusion, be sure to bring to the fore, how your parents or other members of your family have helped to nurture some evident traits in your sister. When you do this, you strike a chord that makes it the atmosphere more reassuring and energized. Be sure to give an added fillip to the groom by praising the qualities in your sister that is most evident, just as the latent ones.

Admonish the groom to take care of your sister while portraying your conviction that the new couple will build a lovely home in the light of the qualities that your sister brings to the union.

Having said all that, you can call on the guests to raise their glasses and toast to a union of health, laughter, wellness and all the good things for your sister and the groom.

It is also true that not everyone can string words together so easily, but there is a way out, get professional help. A wedding speech writer can synthesize your ideas and have them laid out for you. You can also get helpful tips on presentation to enable you to deliver a great sister wedding speech.

Calling for a Toast: A Sample Ending to Get You Started

You are both such incredible people. Let us all raise a glass and salute you. May the road be long and the party never end.