Bachelorette Party: 5 Cities For The Biggest Party Before The Big Day


Before the most important day of your life – wedding, and even before that the big rehearsal dinner, many of future brides also have one evening which is dedicated to celebrate the last night being legally single. Bachelorette parties are usually those parties where a bride and her best friends can party all night long, chat about boys and just treat themselves.

However, for a truly spectacular and perfect bachelorette party, consider heading a bit further away than your hometown and consider these five fabulous cities as your party location. In all of these following destinations, you will find the best nightclubs, the best cheap hotels which don’t look or feel cheap, and the chance to enjoy girly company as much as you can handle it!

Las Vegas, Nevada

We just cannot mention the capital city of all fun and parties! Las Vegas is a dream destination for all party people because this city never sleeps. Las Vegas is literally full of thousands of nightclubs, bars, lounges, casinos, strip clubs (if you prefer that too) and other entertainment which will make your bachelorette party one of a kind. So, it might be safe to say, that all of those stereotypes about Las Vegas are really truth – this place is a dream come true for everyone looking to party all night long.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Ok, New Orleans also should be on this list, no questions asked. This multicultural, colorful and musical city can be quite a perfect destination for those brides who enjoy a little bit of extraordinariness. Imagine your party in a truly spectacular and colorful Mardi gras theme! Or, getting the best Cuba libre in the country while listening to local jazz music in thousands of clubs. Here even foodies will find what to do since New Orleans is famous for its fantastic Cajun food too.

Orlando, Florida

Admittedly, this city might not come to your mind at first once you start planning a party, but Orlando, in fact, can amaze you so much, you will forget that other cities even exist. Orlando is actually one of the most popular cities in the United States, with millions of tourists rushing here each year. That also means that in this town you will find thousands of modern amenities which can make your bachelorette party truly special.  Get your group tickets to one of a few amazing theme parks, treat yourself in luxurious restaurants, and make sure to end up your party on a rooftop bar Sky 60 (now it is called Areo) where you can enjoy the most breathtaking panorama of the city.

Montreal, Canada

If you are a little bit brave enough – go abroad! In Montreal, you can enjoy excellent Canadian bars, lounges, and cuisine which are hard to forget for decades. Moreover, if you love French culture, food, and language, Montreal is that one fantastic place where you should really head to. Hit the nightclubs and bars of Rue St-Denis and enjoy being a single lady for the last night before your big day.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

And for an entirely different type of bachelorette party, you can choose to visit Mexico in the South. The Cabo San Lucas city will be perfect if you and the girls are looking for fun in the sun at day and some hot nightlife at the evening. The city is very popular Spring Break destination, and that means that many of public places there are designed to meet all partying people needs. So, if you are looking for white sand beaches, perfect sunsets and partying all night in the clubs, Cabo San Lucas is the one to choose!