Bride and Bridesmaids taking outdoor photo
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The Small Details That Make Bachelorette Parties Stand Out

Bachelorette parties have always been “in style” but the themes, the gifts, the outfits, and the location have all elevated to drastic levels in the last five years. And that elevation has most certainly come from all of the many fine-print plans that can be incorporated into the prepping. 

These aren’t just nights out on the local strip anymore. Instead, these are fully cultivated weekends of celebration, fashion, fun, and experience. And, we’re here to showcase how to truly create a memory worth remembering (and not forgetting because too many drinks took over one night). Instead, here are 5 small details that make bachelorette parties stand out from the plethora of Instagram scrolling and Pinterest pins. 

Gifts For the Gals

Even though the plans should be coordinated by the maid of honor, it’s nice for the bride to step in and offer favors or gifts as a thank you to her friends for shelling out their time, energy, and their money too in her honor. There are so many different routes to take when it comes to offering appreciation – from the most useful and thoughtful, to funny trinkets that will create giggles for years to come. 

There are so many great spots to snag gifts for the gals from too. You can scour so many great boutiques and easy, go-to spots online, but XO Fetti may just be our favorite place to purchase standout presents from. 

For example, here are two bachelorette gifts from xo.Fetti that we really like.

Babe Tribe Necklace

babe tribe necklace

Get every single one of your ladies one of these “Babe” necklaces to mark their role in your official “Babe” tribe. It features a gold chain with a 2” extender, white and pink enamel – and they come in a pack of 4 which is a wonderful price point for those looking to budget their pans across the board. 

Fetti Cam

camera that shoots confetti

A camera for the bachelorette weekend is a must and a win for all involved. The memories are wanted by everyone in the pack and who doesn’t want to capture those moments with a classic, disposable camera at their side? 

The Theme

bach to the 90s group photo


The theme ideas have become endless throughout the inspirational web. Pinterest has so many ideas. Instagram has so many hashtags. And the blogs too – they’re are so many options it can be a little overwhelming. Even Tik Tok can take you down the rabbit hole. Don’t be anxious though, instead, know that the right theme is a must as it really amps up the celebratory theme. And the right theme is truly just up to what you’d like to revel in! Some of our favorite ideas include: 

  • Tropic Like It’s Hot | Think neon tones, Pina coladas, palm trees, and staying poolside. 
  • 90’s Girls | Channeling your inner Saved by the Bell characters, a lot of scrunchies, and fanny packs too. 
  • Swifties | Rep your favorite T-Swift era, make the most perfect playlists, and don’t forget the red lips.
  • Glamping | Relax and enjoy the great outdoors, but with all the luxuries that you need to truly be stress-free. 
  • Getting Nau-tical | Yacht-club vibes, captains hats, and a few decorative anchors can do the trick. 

Coordinating Outfits 

bridesmaids with similar outfits


To go along with that fabulous theme, coordinate your outfits ahead of time. You don’t have to be twins, or triplets, or anything beyond, instead just make sure you’re all complimenting the theme and each other. 

This prep-ahead will make those photos even more magical. But, don’t forget, the bride gets first dibs on the outfit of her choices and the rest of the ladies can plan and pack from there. 

The Right Location

3 girls outside in jeans and t shirts


If you want to really make the most of your bachelorette party, you will plan far in advance, especially if you decide to make it a destination affair. You’ll have time to book tickets, find deals on hotels or AirBNBs, and make sure everyone has enough notice to ask off work and save! 

But destination events or local parties really do fall on the right location. Whether it starts with the best brunch reservation your downtown has to offer or you head to Miami for a tropical getaway, do your research and have a plan of attack for making the most out of every minute. 

Unique Experiences

girl at axe throwing event


Bachelorette parties can and should be more than drinks and the possible appearance of exotic dancers. Instead, fill up your time with something more unique. Here’s a list of fun ideas we’re loving:

  • Ax throwing
  • Yoga retreats
  • Music or art festivals
  • Broadway shows
  • Private karaoke rooms 
  • Pottery or candle making 
  • Old-school sleepovers 
  • Museum visits
  • Paintball 
  • Pole dancing classes 
  • Flower arranging classes 
  • Innovation kitchens
  • Ghost tour

Creating the perfect bachelorette party isn’t about how much you spend, how long the trip is, or even getting the most perfect insta-worthy photo. It truly is about the smaller details that bring all the memories to life. Use these ideas to start inspiring your most perfect gal getaway!