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Bachelorette Party Ideas: Tame or Wild?

Should My Bachelorette Party Be Tame or Wild?

These days, bachelorette parties come in many different shapes and sizes. So choosing the right one for your female bridal party can be a bit of a mind boggle. Traditionally, the bachelorette party is a celebratory evening which is organized on behalf of the bride – usually by the Maid of Honor – and includes guests of the bride’s social circle and the bride’s close female family members.

But not all bachelorette shenanigans are suitable for the ranging age groups in your bridal party, so here we have picked a selection of both tame and wild party ideas to give you some party inspiration.

Bachelorette Parties on the Tame Side

If you have parents or elderly relatives to entertain at your bachelorette party, here are some fantastic ideas!

  • Spa Day – a relaxing spa day is perfect as it can appeal to all ages. It also gives you the option to break the celebrations into two parts, with younger attendees joining you for an evening shindig too.
  • Afternoon Tea – if you’re looking for something a little more refined and classy, take the hens out to a wonderful afternoon tea. Choose a special venue and enjoy being served delicious tea and cake to celebrate the day.
  • Shopping and Cocktails – perfect for a girly crowd, shopping followed by cocktails is a great way of enjoying a few drinks during the day.
  • A Walk in the Country – for active family members, walking, hiking or biking is the perfect hen activity. Follow up with late lunch or evening dinner treats.
  • Theatre and Dinner – culture vultures will get to soak up the sophistication at a theatre show. Complement the day evening with a slap up dinner.
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Bachelorette Parties on the Wild Side

If you’re organizing for a younger crowd, here are some ideas which might tantalize your party taste buds a bit more.

  • Wine Tasting / Beer Tasting – whatever your tipple, there are plenty of alcohol tasting events around the world to satisfy your appetite.
  • Burlesque Dancing / Pole Dancing – need something a little bit more active? Try dance classes with a twist!
  • Paintballing – for adrenaline junkies, there’s nothing more exciting than a team activity such as paintballing. But beware: paintballing is not for the faint hearted!
  • Cocktails and Club Night – do it like the British and celebrate with a night on the town.
  • Stripper or Kiss-o-Gram – spice up a house party by ordering a stripper or a kiss-o-gram service. A fun way to surprise the bride on her last night of freedom.
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photo credit: San Diego Shooter via photopin cc

For more ideas, or to get help with organizing a superb hen or party, take a look here.