how to get my girlfriend to say yes

Popping the Question: How to Get a ‘Yes’

Whether you are male or female, no matter if you have already discussed getting married with your partner or not, popping the question ‘officially’ is still a daunting task. Ever heard of the phrase ‘start as you mean to go on’?

You want the occasion to be a special and intimate moment to remember and you definitely want a ‘yes’ as an answer, so you need a good plan in place to make sure that the proposal is a success. Read our guide below on how to get a yes when you are popping the question…

Choosing the Location

Where you decide to pop the question to your partner is very important. Will this be a public display of affection or a low key event, maybe even just the two of you? Always think about what your partner likes, and, more importantly, doesn’t like – it is surprising how often this is overlooked. This moment is a very personal choice but consider the best option for you. For example, only opt to go public if you are already sure that she or he will say yes, you do not want them to say yes out of embarrassment or say no and cause you humiliation.

Surprise your partner as all proposals should be a surprise, it is part and parcel of the romance and excitement – so be picky about who you confide in before you pop the big question. Take them on their surprise dream holiday, back to the first place you met, a surprise picnic or hot air balloon ride. If you want to avoid clichés then go for more a more personalised approach, perhaps something that holds special meaning to the both of you.

choose a location for proposing

Choosing the Ring

Having a ring is imperative to seal the deal of any marriage proposal. If you are buying for your girlfriend choose a style that is unique and beautiful. Antique jewellery is a wonderful option for an engagement ring because of its rarity and the story it tells. Alternatively, blow her away with a platinum diamond ring, brilliantly crafted from the likes of a luxury reputable brand such as George Pragnell.

choosing an engagement ring

Choosing a Plan B

Not a plan B partner of course, but you will need a backup proposal plan in case unforeseen circumstances do prevent you from getting down one knee. So, if bad weather or unavoidable traffic gets in your way and you want nothing more than to propose to your partner, then you need to have a backup plan, something simple and romantic that can be easily arranged.