Q: What Happens At Bachelorette Parties?


What “goes down” at a bachelorette party is based on the bride’s personality, geographical location….yeah, that’s pretty much it. The bachelorette party can be as wild as the craziest stag party, complete with male strippers. It could also be a day at a spa retreat, an elegant weekend in Paris, a few days at a beach house, a night on the town, etc. Most involve dinners out, and moderate-to-heavy drinking. Bachelorette party games such as “Pin the junk on the fireman” may also be part of the fun. Depending on where the bride lives, she may have a sleepover after the party. She also may throw her bridal shower in the same weekend, particularly if most or all of her bridesmaids are out of town.

As far as money goes, the bridal party plans and pays for the bachelorette party. The bride usually doesn’t have to pay for anything at her last shindig as a single woman.

Again, the party simply depends on what the bride wants to do and what’s feasible. The bottom line? Have fun!!