Q: “Advice for a Healthy Bachelorette Party?”

If typical bachelorette party antics of strippers, drinking and messiness aren’t your idea of fun, and you want to keep trim for your big day, then you will be happy to know that there are plenty of healthy alternatives which are just as fun!

By choosing to do something which is a little healthier, you and the rest of the guests at your party will feel confident, rejuvenated and full of energy. No hazy memory, puffy eyes and bad hangover for you. Whether you’re in the city, out in the country or on a special trip for your bachelorette party, there’ll be an option which will be good to the mind, body and spirit!

Relax At The Spa
It doesn’t get much healthier than spending a weekend, day, or even a couple of hours chilling out in a spa and being pampered. Opt for a full day detoxing in the sauna and steam room, chilling out in the jacuzzi and taking advantage of the other spa facilities; not only will you feel revived, spas are great spaces for socialising so you can spend some decent quality time with your friends. Alternatively, or as an extra to your spa day, indulge in a specialised treatment, such as a facial or a massage; you can’t beat that for a hen party idea focusing on well-being!

Adventurous activities are not only intrinsically beneficial for fitness, they almost always take place in the great outdoors and this is ideal for boosting well-being (at least when it’s not raining!). Kayaking, white water rafting, zorbing, quad biking, surfing, and plenty more; there’s no end to the choice of exciting and active ideas, plus, they’re also a great way of burning off energy from those pre-wedding nerves!

Choosing an activity like a dance class will get everyone moving and will increase the energy in the group! They’re good exercise too and we don’t mean the kind of exercise you do down the gym (thank goodness!); they’re fun and they usually incorporate a well known theme which everyone will know and love! There’s an incredible variety of different dance classes available for your hen do including Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Glee, Abba, Hip Hop, Thriller, Pole dancing, Burlesque, Cheerleading and many more, so there’s bound to be one which will suit you and your group.

Learn a new skill which will benefit your life after the hen party is over; a cooking class is perfect for this and it’s a great fun idea to share with the girls. There’s a huge variety of choice in cooking classes, from simply learning the essential techniques needed to cook well, to learning how to cook specialised foods, such as sushi, Spanish tapas, Thai, Italian, Moroccan and much more.