Do Bridesmaids Attend All Bridal Showers?

Should Bridesmaids Be Invited to Every Bridal Shower

I planned to host a shower for my niece which was to include female relatives from both the groom’s family as well as the bride’s. I expected a list of about 24 people. Another shower was given which included the bridesmaids and younger friends. I received a list from the bride which included all of the bridesmaids and well as the host of the other shower.

This increased the total to 31. I felt it was not necessary to have the same group of people at my shower, so I asked the MOB to have my niece cut the list down. My niece insisted that the bridesmaids had to be included at all showers and that she would not cut the list down. The MOB told me that she would just have the shower at her house. She said her daughter was very upset and depressed about the situation, and that the shower had to be her way since she was the bride. Should I have handled this differently and do the bridesmaids have to be invited to every shower?

Etiquette Now

The shower, any shower, is optional. Family shouldn’t host and it shouldn’t be held at one of the mother’s homes. Yes, attendants are invited to all showers, but there shouldn’t be more than 2 showers.

The bride has very little say in the shower planning. She should be happy anyone wanted to host one for her in the first place. She could have some say, though, if she sees that a shower is to be hosted improperly, as in her attendants not being invited. They really should be. The host of the first shower should be as well.

So, as family, you really shouldn’t be hosting any way. Now, unfortunately, you have another issue. But, if you still choose to host, you have the right to host only the number of guests you wish to host. Please remember that only those very close to the bride are invited, plus the mothers and attendants.

I’m Having Two Wedding Showers. Should I Invite My Bridemads To Both?

The girls in your wedding party are asked to celebrate with you at all pre-wedding events, so they should be invited to both bridal showers. The only type of shower they shouldn’t expect to be invited to is one thrown by your coworkers or a church group. If it’s a church shower because it is typically for people at your church. Likewise a work bridal shower is obviously only for coworkers.