Q: “Any Bridal Shower Theme Ideas I Can Use?”

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Attending a fun girls-only bridal shower is often the most exciting part of the pre-wedding party excitement. If you’re planning one of these parties, the theme of the event matters a lot so we assembled the top ideas for a bridal shower theme. Ideas for Bridal Shower

Themes Lingerie theme

This one can be as tame or as racy as you like depending on the guest list. Games can include “guess whose Lingerie” where every guest brings a piece of lingerie and have the bride guess who brought it. Make sure the guests know the bride’s size because all the lingerie should go to the bride.

Breakfast at Tiffanys

This is the perfect shower for the bride who loves the glitz and glamour. Let your creativity spark with rhinestones, Audrey Hepburn, and that pretty blue.

Pampered Bride

Guests buy gifts associated with helping the bride to care for her personal needs. This can include health spa or nail salon gift certificates, yoga instruction, bath incidentals and personal training or massage certificates.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Brides (and guests) who love wine, and have a lot of everything else they need for the home, will love this shower idea. And let’s be serious, everybody loves wine and cheese so it is a winning idea for all. For this theme make sure you have a fun assortment of wines and cheeses for friends. You could even add in that each guest brings in a bottle of his or her favorite wine for the bride. Go the extra mile and try to get a hold of some local wines, out of town guests will love.

Recipe Shower

I’m hungry just thinking about his one. This is perfect for the bride who loves to cook or hasn’t got a clue! Each guest brings along one or two of their favorite recipes and brings all of the key kitchen tools to prepare it.

Stock the Bar

Guests bring gifts of wine or other types of favorite drinks, glassware, drink mixes, etc. to help the couple stock their bar. Like the recipe theme, it is great to have guests bring along their favorite mixed drink recipes to give the bride. This theme is often popular with the groom as well since a fully stocked bar is something most new homes don’t have immediately.