Special hairstyles for the wedding day 3

We promised to offer to you some other suggestions of hairstyles and good looking hairdos and details that will definitely make you look great and special in comparison with other brides. This is definitely something that will enchant you and we’re sure that we caught your attention with the previous articles and topics, because it would be a pity not to apply for these.

So, here’s how we continue with suggesting you some details that you have to take into account if you want an elaborated hairstyle and be sure that you’re going to end up looking just fine.

special hairstyles for the wedding day 3

The first model that we want to speak about concerns the usage of a loop when it comes to the hairstyle, all the locks of hair are taken from the front side of your head an in the back side, conferring you a vintage look. There’s also the wavy details made with the help of a lock of hair and this one involves the usage of a lock of hair on your forehead. Over your head use a tiara with some flower details in the right side and let’s mention that you can apply for adding a net on the face. This is a really vintage look and really great looking in the same time. So many details and so many things from where you can choose from!
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Here’s how we continue our list of hairstyles and hairdos with another great looking mixture of details and elements that we’re sure you’re going to love reading about. Take all the hair from the front side of your head and place it in the back side as to realize a nice looking loop, really fluffy in the same time.

special hairstyles for the wedding day 3 2

Let’s also mention that you can also apply for making a bow detail out of your hair and you can place a great looking hair pin with glittery details in it. This is a nice mixture of details and you can observe a semi loop combined with a pony tail. Indeed, nice looking details and elements and we’re sure that you would love to apply for such a great looking hairstyle in your wedding day.

special hairstyles for the wedding day 3 3

Another hairstyle that we would like to mention about for your wedding day is definitely this one and we’re sure that it sounds interesting to you. In case you have short hair and with waves in it in the same time, then this isn’t a problem! Leave the waves as they are and apply for a tiara in the front side of your head with glittery details on it. How about that?