Heartbroken Bride Gives Away Her Wedding!!

This bride was dumped on her wedding day, but what she did after the heartbreak shocked everyone!

Mere days before their walk down the aisle, Quinn Duane’s fiance decided he wasn’t ready to get married. Instead of canceling the reservation and leaving the planning and food to waste, the bride and her family invited Sacramento’s homeless to feast on the celebratory meal at the Citizen Hotel – with a $35,000 bill to boot.

It was estimated that 90 homeless families – including everyone from babies to grandparents – showed up to enjoy. Including salmon and gnocchi, these people not only got some home cooked sustenance but they got treated to a 4-star restaurant’s entrees. Duane ended up jetting off on her honeymoon, with her mom in tow. Well wishes to Quinn and her family for not only turning a bad memory into a blessing for so many others, but that she soon finds her Prince Charming – minus the very last minute cold feet.