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Shining A Light: The Ebury Collection

We like to inspire brides-to-be all around, but we get inspired too! We’re shining a light some of the spots we look to for ideas and advice. From local favorites around the country to popular sites brides dive into all around the world, we’ve sharing the best of the best in a whole new way. We’ve chatted with some of the bloggers, creators and founders of some wonderful wedding blogs and got the inside scoop! 

Pasha Belman Photography | Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographers
Pasha Belman Photography | Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographers

We had the opportunity to chat with Sabrina Cohen, a beauty behind the scenes of The Ebury Collection, and she gave us the inside scoop on the makings and likings of herself and the blog.

“I am a wedding planner by trade and it was a natural progression to add a
blog to my business. I took over ownership of The Ebury Collection in the
summer of 2013, I was apprehensive at first but I soon realised that I enjoy
writing as much as like to read and I love the fact that I am getting to
really make a difference and help couples to plan one of the most personal
and important days of their lives. I also keep asking myself why I enjoy
writing about weddings and everything around them so much and it’s
fundamentally because I am writing about my favourite emotion…’Love!’

I think our site has a unique look to the others out there, I think we have a
stand alone style that isn’t afraid to scream traditional but in a modern
way. And the basis of that style is all down to the lady who originally
created The Ebury Collection. I loved the blog as a reader before taking it
on and I had the concept in my heart and this is what I use to ensure it
evolves and grows with the current trends but still maintaining what works
for our readers. So I won’t go with what is trending in the industry
necessarily but more inclined to write about what’s trending for us and our

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Your favorite aspect about blogging and your favorite aspect about your blog specifically:

 I absolutely love it when I get to collaborate with a member of our wedding
directory on the blog, because it not only highlights super talented people,
it then makes the directory more familiar to people and they can then engage
with their search for suppliers a little more, when they’ve perhaps read
about them on the blog and then can see whether their style or tastes are

The last year has been very interesting at The Ebury Collection in that, we
seem to be getting approached by newbies to the industry or established
brands/companies that are wanting to build their presence in the Wedding
industry and I am flattered that when doing their research they’ve stumbled
upon us and after looking at our site or reading the blog they make the
decision that they would like to be affiliated with us and also feel that we
could help them to gain initial great exposure. I embrace this as my ethos
is ‘truly help each other to succeed’ and up and coming businesses need that
help just like I need them to give the blog the unique and individual feel
that it has and so I take great pleasure in helping them to do this and it’s
also a great feeling to think that The Ebury Collection will have a small
dot on their road map to success!

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