Perfect legs

Have you ever wondered how Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell have those gorgeous legs when you see them on the catwalk? Yes, good genes, but also exercise. Moreover, important mannequins hire a personal trainer to help them train their legs muscles. Yes, and you can have beautiful legs too, but not without effort! You have to give up bad eating habits, sedentary habits and other junk!

Watch what you eat

Have a healthy diet? Well, you have won half the battle home.

– Avoid flour products like bread, pasta or cookies, and give up fatty foods or dairy products. Thus, you reduce the calories and fat deposit.

– Drink more water, is essential in the fight against cellulite. Kidneys work more efficiently, eliminating toxins from the body. Try to drink two liters of water per day.

– Improve your metabolism by eating fruits and vegetables, fish, low fat cheese, chicken, olive oil, nuts, potatoes or rice.

– Avoid dehydration giving up carbonated drinks, coffee and black tea reduces: regarding alcohol, not exceeding a glass of red wine per day.

To stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, thank you not only with diet. Call daily and dry massage with a brush.

Cleaning and moisturizing
Like skin, leg skin is quite delicate, so he wants and her treatment by cleaning and moisturizing. Here’s how you can do alone at your home:
Pour in a bowl or a tray, warm water. Add slices of orange, cucumber and lime essential oil. Soak feet in bowl for 15 minutes and then remove them without deleting them, apply an exfoliating foot cream.
If you have not exfoliating, cook it yourself in the bath salt and olive oil.
Next step: make your pedicure, followed by hydration. Choose a special foot cream, deep moisturizing.

Soon you’ll start to go to beach, so your feet have to look as strong. But what do you do with cellulite?
Morning, after finishing the exercises recommended above and you do shower, and evening, all after shower, apply a cellulite cream, gently massaging my feet in this way, the cream quickly enter the skin and works more efficiently.
And, don’t forget the exercises at home or at the gym!

If you take into consideration all the pieces of advice you’ve got here, you’re going to end up looking just fine and have a great pair of legs. As you can observe it only takes a little effort and also a lot of concentration. Having a healthy life is the essential thing and if you don’t like the idea of sports, you should reconsider it- you’re not only going to end up looking great, but also you’re going to live longer and feel well being you!