Slimming products- gels, soaps, moisturizers

We’ve discussed about this topic before and we mentioned that there are some slimming methods that depend on different products or moisturizers. We recommended, most of the times, sports and physical exercise…. So, these methods are for those that don’t have time for sports or massaging, or even for the lazy ones. Don’t expect for wonderful results, but you may use them when you’re massaging your body, they’re great!

We start with a soap that has algae ingredients at the base. Just take this soap and start washing your body with it, scrub and rub your cellulite part and in a matter of weeks you’re going to have some interesting results. Besides its based algae ingredients it offers you a lemon odor at the end. Refreshing and really helpful in the same time, don’t you think so?

The next product we want to talk about is a stimulator, which can be used in the same time you wash with the soap presented above or even after just you’ve used the algae based accessory. The stimulator helps your blood circulate faster and your skin to get fresher and thinner! You’ll get rid of some of the fat areas and also let’s mention that you need plenty of time for massaging, there’s a need of at least 30 minutes of massage in order for some effects! So don’t try to spend all day long under the shower ladies!

You have also a big range of gel especially designed for getting rid of cellulite! You can find them in jars, different plastic tubes or plastic recipients. These gels can be applied on the entire body. It is better to start from the feet until the thighs area. This movement of the hands from the down part of the body until the upper area helps your circulation be stimulated. You must massage your skin roughly while you apply these products. The massage should be done in a circular manner and you should accentuate in the areas you think are affected the more by cellulite!

These gels feel like velvet and are really pleasant to hold in the hands. Smell your skin after, also touch it and you’ll see how great it looks, smells and it feels after you’ve treated it in this manner. Do this skin treatment several times a week and you’ll see the effects in some weeks after you’ve started this process.

There are also special moisturizers that are meant also for preventing and making your fat areas disappear. Depending on the producing company and the quality of the product you’ll obtain immediate results or not. It also depends on you, if you keep this treatment properly and if you’re not lazy. All these products make your blood circulate faster and some of them work that good that you’ll simply remain amazed!

There are new ranges of products made especially for this matter, and the newest products seem to bring success, because they’re made on the same pattern of the old ones and these are added great ingredients, which the first ones don’t have! If a body area is more affected by cellulite than another, make sure you treat it in a special manner and you pay attention to it when you’re rubbing and massaging….