Braided Bridal Hair: Ideas & Inspiration

Add some braided details to your hair on the day you say, “I do.” Your tresses can be embellished for all different themes and styles. From modern to boho, check out these braided bridal hair ideas and grab some inspiration.

53a311d2ea728$!400xHere’s a Grecian-inspired undo that is completely romantic and swoon-worthy.

53aeb8ef6c2ef$!400xThis messy braided crown is full of bohemian style, perfect for a ball gown and even more ready for a stroll down a fall-covered aisle.

53e2420d733af$!400xA sideswept, French-braid can be adorned with sparkle or fresh flowers like this bride has the fashion-forward sense to do.

54bfea68b3ec4$!400xTied with a ribbon, this small braid was fit for a youthful bride with a very free-spirit.

538e5acceb2f2$!400xYou can even hide a braid in a more subtle way inside classic updos to bring out more of your personal style.

554d30ee1d154$!400xThick braids can add unique spin on traditional bridal hair as well, we’re in love with these romantic locks!

555d72498b9ad$!400xFishtail braided can be fun too and made to be quite chic and modern.

556e2c489286f$!400xHere’s a messy French-braided crown that’s perfect to add to your vintage ensemble.

55089b0baaede$!400xIf you want something a bit messier, check out this pulled-back design for inspiration.

547240bfc6edc$!400xAnd finally, here’s some gorgeous inspiration when creating a look that unique, yet very posh in style.

photos via SMP