Colored nail colors

We had a previous topic regarding this subject: nails. Many of you like the idea of gel over their nails and let’s admit that these look really great with all the shine and the effect created. This time we’re not going to develop this topic and only recommend you not to wear such long nails because it isn’t that cool, a medium-small size is preferable, and you should keep that in mind….

This topic is all about colors, more exactly nails that look great and colored! We will recommend you some lines of nail polishes and these are really spicy. There are also some products that aren’t that colored and are more for the serious persons or who have to look ok in their workplace.

We start with recommending different variations of red nail polish. If you don’t have this color, maybe you should think of applying for it, because it confers you a really retro and modern look in the same time. This is a must-have color.

Make sure you buy a nail color that makes your nails strong and moisturized in the same time, also when you apply it make sure that it is applied easily and that you don’t need extra layers.

O.k the next line of products refers to great looking nails in different vibrant colors. These lacquers are long resistant on the nails, don’t create chips and have a protective color and shiny aspect. Also, if you use these ones you can be sure that your nails are hydrated and always good looking. You’re going to get advantage of powerful colors, really intense and your nails will look marvelous no matter the conditions surrounding you: sunlight, heat or other phases.

You can choose from different tones like: blushing opulence, pink peony, wango tango, Baltic blue, phlox, amaryllis, jaded love, purple haze or many other such crazy names and colors.

The next line of products is under a bigger format and it’s helpful too if you think a little bit. These lacquers have several advantages: long resistance, great looking shine, fast dry, protecting nails and the elongated glass bottle resists in time….

You can find this product in many colors, vibrant and other really calm and neat. You can apply for a faded pink, a spicy pink or a metallic one. You can choose between different tones of red: orange red or dark red. Also, there are some icy nuances or matte ones. Pick between gold and silvery and color your nails depending on the way you feel in that particular day.

As you can see there are many variants in which you can express your happiness and that’s throughout the colors you apply on your nails. Make sure you use a strong nail polish and resistant in time, although you it takes some extra money….