3 Real Life Wedding Tips

The anxiety that comes with the planning before a wedding is enough to drive a bride and groom to a therapist. That is, if they don’t plan well in advance. Weddings should not be viewed as a chore, as an event that is the perpetuator of unnecessary stress. This is a time to be cherished.

Let us assist with a couple of the more common areas that send the bride and groom into tailspins. We will cover bride and bridesmaid shoes for the wedding day (that’s right ladies!), some ideas for hiring a photographer to capture the event, and some “food for thought” before you hire a caterer.

Ladies, Let’s Go Shoe Shopping!

Wait! We need to know some facts before we venture off for an afternoon with the girls. What is the wedding venue? Will it occur on a beach, or on grass? If that is the case, you may want to temper the high heels, as they easily can sink into the sand or lawn.

An important tip is to have your wedding gown hemmed at the bridal shop to the appropriate length for the shoes you will wear. Too many times we see a bride walking down the aisle in a wedding dress that is too long, which easily could have been avoided.

Sandy Malone, who is featured on TLC’s show Wedding Island, points out that if you are certain that you will be wearing lower shoes for the reception, it is best to avoid wearing high heels for the ceremony.

According to Sandy, the rule of thumb is to always have the gown hemmed shorter than the bridal shop will recommend to you.

Capturing the Wedding

We are fortunate to live in the time we do, as technology continues to advance, we can capture the most precious of times in great detail. Hiring a wedding videography team is the perfect way to ensure each precious moment is saved for generations to come.

How can I be certain that I have picked the right one? Some key areas to consider before reserving the services of a videography team are listed below:

  • Is there a time limit?
  • Can we get the first dance taped?
  • Does the fee include the toasts?
  • Any additional add-ons available?

Food for Thought

What is one of the topics often discussed after a wedding, sometimes years after? How wonderful the meal was. With all the family and friends that will be in attendance, and the effort that you have put forth, it is only fitting that due diligence is put forth in deciding on a caterer.

Once you have narrowed down your prospective caterers, here is a sampling of questions to ask, these come from Libby MacCarthy with XO Group:

  • Do they have a license? If they do, they will be required to meet standards set forth by the local health department. Additionally, this will ensure they have liability coverage.
  • If alcohol will be served at your wedding, does your caterer carry liquor liability insurance? If someone has a couple too many, and causes injury or damage upon leaving, you can be held responsible without this coverage!

These 2 questions are just the tip of the iceberg, but they will get you started in the right direction.