Bold Bridal Beauty

5 Bold Beauty Ideas for Brides-to-Be


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When it comes to your wedding day, you want a dress that you will never wear again, a memory that can never be made again and a picture worth more than words but feelings too. So, when it comes to your bridal beauty, you’ve got to think in the same way, this is your chance to shine unlike any other day of your life. And that means a bit of bold beauty won’t ever be the “wrong” choice. Instead of your everyday fare, why not try a look that’s a bit outside your comfort zone? Why not try a look that makes your feel glamorous and confident and beautiful? Here are five timeless, classy and incredibly sexy looks that are fit for a bold bride and works for anyone who dares to try them.

1. A Classic Cat Eye.

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Every shape and color eye looks incredible with a bit of a cat eye flair. From dramatic to delicate, there are so many ways to make your eyes pop with the flick of your makeup brush. You can add color, add smoke or keep things simple and clean. Whatever the case, a bold cat eye works wonders for any bride-to-be and any wedding day dress.

2. A Strong Topknot.

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If you’re looking for some fierce and modern, try arranging your hair into a chic topknot. Eyes will be drawn upward, so this is a great choice if you plan on dawning a dress with a beautiful cutout back or lace sleeves. It will draw your cheekbones tighter, so some extra blush would make this bold look pop. Messy or tight, this style will show off the beautiful, flawless face of the bride.

3. A Bright Lip.

Red Lip Bridevia

If there was any a day to rock red lipstick or a hot pink pucker, it’s your wedding day. Sultry eyes and a hot lip will make you the most glam evening bride of all, or tone down your eye and slather on a brighter lip for a summery celebration. Your dress and face will shine with a lipstick that has its own personality. Plus, the photos of your groom with a bit of your residual color on his face would be quite the adorable memory captured.

4. Wild & Free Hair.

Wild Free Loose Bridal Hairvia

Sometimes the best plan is to not have one. If you love your luscious locks and you’re not a fan of product and tightly quaffed hair, why not let your tresses run free on your wedding day. Let them flow in the wind or hang with your veil. Be bold and stay outside-the-box with your hairdo plans.

5. A Loud Mani or Pedi.

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You don’t have to get French tips just because your the bride. This is your day and you don’t have to follow everyday traditional rule in the book. Instead, choose a manicure that fits your personality. From black to polka-dots, show off your personality with a totally fab bridal mani and pedi!