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Should brides cover tattoos for the wedding?

From the bridal gown and hairstyle to the theme and the cake, your wedding day is a reflection of your personality. So why wouldn’t you want to wear your tattoo proudly on the day that most reflects who you are?

Covering your tattoo for the wedding could make those who know about the tattoo think you are ashamed about your ink. And what do you have to be ashamed about? Chances are if you got a tattoo, it obviously means a lot to you. Therefore, it deserves to be displayed during one of the most meaningful events of your life.

If tattoos are a big part of your life, you may even want to get a tattoo in honor of your wedding day. Some brides and grooms, choose to get tattoo wedding rings. Others decide to get their initials on a body part. Another popular idea is getting ink symbolizing something having to do with love such as Japanese characters meaning “forever”.

However, if you have tattoos that could be offensive to wedding guests, such as a swastika or invasive language, it may be in your best interest to cover those up as much as possible. Hosting the wedding at a conservative venue may also prove grounds for covering up the tattoo even if you are proud of your work of art. Luckily, there are a number of ways to limit tattoo exposure in these situations.

Bridal Attire

The most obvious way to hide unwanted tattoos is with a suitable bridal gown. For example, if the tattoo is on your arm, try wearing a shawl. If the tattoo is on the chest or shoulders, a halter-top dress should do the trick. The same applies to tattooed feet. If the tattoo is on the top of the foot, stay away from sandals.

Fashion Accessories

A fun way to cover up tattoos is to get crystal or rhinestone designs on top of the tattoo. You can even try using crystals that match the wedding colors or themes. Long gloves and veils can also mask your body art. A unique option is to get a sequined bandage that matches your outfit to go on top of the tattoo like Melissa Rycroft of Dancing with the Stars. Flesh colored bandages are also an option.

Make Up

When it comes to tattoo cover-ups, concealer is your new best friend. Companies such as Dermablend and Covermark provide very thick concealers and brushes perfect for hiding tattoos or scars you want tucked away from the public. Airbrush make up is also a good option for covering unwanted tattoos. However, be sure not to get thick make-up on that beautiful white gown. Some tattoo cover up kits come equipped with barrier spray to protect the gown from getting stained by the make-up.

Regardless if you choose to cover your tattoo or not, body art should not be the cause of stress on your wedding day. Your options for both hiding and displaying tattoos are endless!

Do you think brides should cover tattoos for the wedding? Tell us why.