Top 12 Wedding Make-up Tips Unveiled

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It’s every Brides dream to look beautiful on her wedding day and getting the right wedding make-up look is an important part of achieving this goal.
Some brides get overly creative with their wedding hair style and make-up, sometimes making them appear un-natural looking.  So, since you’ll want friends and family to recognize you, keep your look fresh and modern.

Whether you are going to D.I.Y (do it yourself) or have a professional make-up artist apply your make-up, it’s important to have a trial run to make sure you’re happy with your make-up look before your wedding day. There is not usually time on your actual wedding day to make changes. This is not the day for surprises!

Following are the top 12 wedding make-up tips offerd by professional make-up artist, Debbie Jean, creator of

  • Firstly, test all your new make-up products on your skin at least two weeks before your wedding date. If you have an allergic reaction you’ll have time to replace the product and your skin will have some time to recover.
  • Purchase a waterproof mascara.
  • If you don’t normally wear any make-up on your skin, it’s a good idea to consider wearing a foundation, concealer and powder. The foundation will even out your skin and give the other make-up products a base to adhere to for a lasting finish. The concealer will cover dark circles under your eyes and any blemishes on your skin. The powder will set your foundation and concealer in place. Remember your wedding photos last a life time and it’s worth making the effort to look your best.
  • Shaped eyebrows look more feminine and open up your eye shape. You will also have more space in which to apply your eye shadow.
  • Defining your eyebrows evens out the hair growth and is also recommended. Use a small firm brush and matte high quality eye shadow to fill in all the gaps between your eyebrow hairs. Choose an eye shadow shade that is similar to your hair color.
  • Eye shadow creates the illusion of more shape on your eyes. Use matte neutral shades like grey, brown or stone through the crease of your eyes. Use a highlighter like off white or cream directly under your eyebrow bone to create the illusion of lift.
  • Eye liner shades can be dark neutrals like brown, black or grey. You can also use a colour eye liner – rather colour eyeliner than color eye shadow.
  • Focus your mascara on your top eye lashes to create upward illusion.
  • Use blusher to add shape and color to your face. Apply a neutral shade of blusher under your cheek bones to add shape to your face. You can add color to your face by applying a pinkie or peachy shade of blusher to the apples of your cheeks. The darker your skin the brighter this shade need to go.
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  1. Adam

    This is great advice. I’d also like to add a few tips for your wedding day, although I am not a wedding make-up expert.

    If you would like your foundation and eye-shadows to stay put all day and night, you may want to use a a product called Model in a Bottle on your face after you’ve applied as it works like a fixative to keep your makeup in place.

    You may want to use a shimmery shadow just under your eyebrow to add that little bit of extra light in photos, making your eyes stand out.

    Also, don’t forget to use lighter makeup and colors if you have a daytime and/or outdoor wedding, then darken your look for the evening.

    Fun article!

  2. Amanda Galloway

    This is helpful for brides. As an Indiana wedding photographer, I have come across brides who initially thought they have to layer on the make-up extra thick in order to look better in photos. This is just not true! This article explains nicely how to apply make-up naturally.
    I also like how you mentioned using make-up to cover blemishes. People always say, “just have your photographer ‘photoshop it off’ ‘. They have no idea how much work it is to go through every single photo to make their face look perfect. Of course, I can do it, but it’s going to cost extra.

  3. Taylor Makeup Design

    Great tips and advice!! I have a couple things to add that I have learned from being a bride myself and helping out other beautiful brides on their wedding day:

    1) Not all waterproof mascaras apply as smoothly as regular mascaras. But, if you apply your favorite mascara as usual and add at least one coat of waterproof mascara (on the underside and topside of your upper lashes and also to your lower lashes) then your mascara will be well waterproof-ed!! You won’t need to hold back your tears during the ceremony. 🙂

    2) If you’re not used to wearing false eyelashes, try wearing them every day for a couple weeks before the wedding. Not only will you get practice in how to apply them, but you will also get used to the weight of the falsies on your real lashes. That way, you will feel natural as can be on your wedding day.

    Good luck you beautiful brides!!! 🙂

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