Getting Vibrant Skin Before Your Wedding- Things You Never Knew Affected Your Complextion

Many people talk about how the eyes are the first things they notice, as they’re the windows to our souls and blah, blah, blah. If you’ve ever had a really bad skin day, however, you know this isn’t true. Whether it’s an acne outbreak, a rash from sensitive skin, or another skin issue, these problems can make us want to pull the covers over our heads and call it a day. Of course, we can’t change the weather and some of the other environmental factors that affect our skin, but there are other things we can do to keep it healthy looking. There are many different causes of acne, so it’s best to be aware of what these are. Read on to find out simple things you never knew affected your skin, and how to avoid them before your big day!


Okay, okay, so you can’t exactly avoid stress, especially while planning a wedding. Unless you live in a bubble, it really is inevitable. Unfortunately, though, it really does affect skin.  Stress causes a “fight or flight” reaction. The adrenal glands secrete hormones and these, in turn, increase oil production. This could cause an acne breakout and/or even premature aging over time. You have to learn to be kind to yourself. Learn the art of saying “no.” And, although it can be challenging to find the time to fit these into your life, yoga and mediation can invaluable. Join a yoga studio in your area and bring some calm and tranquility back into your life.

Poor Nutrition

Eating well is easier said than done. When it comes down to it, we are all very busy, and sometimes the drive-thru is our only option. With a bit of planning, however, you can eat better, and your skin will thank you for it. One of the reasons your skin is affected is by inflammation, as foods like refined sugars (from baked goods, cookies, candy, etc.) cause insulin levels to spike. As this article in Teen Vogue notes, “This inflammation leads to a breakdown in collagen and elastin, the fibers that give skin its elasticity and strength.” Fatty protein, caffeine, foods that are high in salt, and dairy can also negatively impact skin. As we mentioned, being busy can cause us to panic and make bad food decisions that could cause breakouts and more. Make Sunday your food-planning day for the week ahead, and freeze or simply divide up healthy meals that can be pre-made. Need a little extra help? Sign up for healthy meals delivered from HelloFresh—no grocery store runs required!

Air Pollution

Much like stress, there isn’t much we can do about air pollution. It’s virtually inevitable. While combatting air pollution isn’t really under our control, we can be hyper-vigilant about our skincare routine. Going to bed without thoroughly cleaning your skin will only compound the problem. We are often tempted to forego this at night because we’re often exhausted so, if this is an issue for you, consider washing your face right after dinner so you don’t skip it altogether.

Avoid Mineral Oils

You often hear of the health benefits of mineral oil but the truth is, if your makeup or skincare products contain this, it could be causing frequent acne breakouts. Look for non-comedogenic makeup products. If this doesn’t help and you’re still breaking out, you should consult with a dermatologist to find out if there is another ingredient or underlying issue causing your breakouts.

The Sun

Many people who are prone to acne like to “lay out,” as they’ve somehow convinced themselves that the sun helps improve acne. Sun overexposure can actually make your acne a whole lot worse. Of course, a nice tan makes everyone look healthy but that’s deceiving, and the negative consequences far outweigh the benefits. The sun’s UV rays penetrate outer layers of skin and ultimately damage or kill skin cells. It causes premature aging and wrinkles, and a tan can’t undo this! Protect yourself with hats, long sleeves, and by using lotion with a high SPF every day, even when the sun isn’t out.

These are simple things that you probably never knew affected your skin but, now that you do; you can do a bit to prevent further damage. Your skin will be glowing with good health soon enough!