Top Tips for Looking Great at a Wedding

With wedding season upon us, the sun has come out not a moment too soon. Many couples who would have worried about their happy day being a washout will have had their prayers answered, but  guests still have worries of their own, principally what to wear.

Dressing for a wedding can be a balancing act. You don’t want to be underdressed, but the last thing you want to do is outshine the bride, or indeed her mum. Here are our top tips.

White is not alright

You might get a tip off that the wedding dress is oyster, or luminous yellow with a crimson bow, but achingly-fashionable white is still a no go. Even if the bride is not going the traditional route, white is reserved for her and there are few more surefire ways of stealing attention. Black might have some negative connotations, but don’t discount it. If the wedding is later in the day or indeed in the year, and the reception is glamorous then a well-accessorised black dress can look wonderful.

Look in the attic

Wearing something beautiful and new to celebrate feels great, but if you have a number of weddings in your diary, or are worried about the cost of a new dress, go through what you have in your wardrobe or stashed in the loft. You might be surprised what you find and if a rummage around your personal collection doesn’t come up trumps, call your friends and family. A bit of accessorising or, if you can, alteration, and you’ll have a dazzling dress for less.

Be comfortable

With friends and family in a celebratory mood, weddings can last long into the night. In fact, they can be an endurance event, especially in the height of summer. You could look stunning in a designer dress but it won’t be worth it if a lack of breathability or comfort keeps you off the dance floor. Comfort is especially important with shoes, so if you are buying a new pair, start with brands you have had good experiences with.

Dress for your shape

The best way to make sure you look fantastic is to dress for your shape as well as your complexion. With an ever-growing choice on the high street and online, don’t worry: there will be something gorgeous out there, including plus size womens clothing. In fact, the curvy hourglass, apple and pears among us are spoiled with a fantastic array of plus size evening dresses at the moment.

Get a dress made

It is not the quickest way to go about it, but if you just aren’t happy with the dresses you have been able to find, then getting one made is not as expensive as you might think. Dressmakers are easier than ever to find, and look out for ones recommended online. Come armed with ideas when you meet and use their expertise to create something as perfect as it is unique. Make sure you leave plenty of time for fittings.