Getting Body Confident Ahead of your Big Day

Every bride deserves to feel confident on her big day. It is a day that you will have been planning for years before it arrives, and then will spend your lifetime remembering. As well as making sure the final details on your day are perfect; from table settings to your dress and guest list, it is important to also make sure you feel wonderful! This latter point very often falls to the bottom of the priority list when stress, responsibilities and the chaos of wedding planning begins to pile up.  If you plan ahead of time, with at least a 3-month window, there are lots of small actionable changes you can start to make to ensure you feel body confident and beautiful on your wedding day.  We share three top tips in this article that are easily actionable for every bride.

Work with a personal trainer

Many brides choose to work with a personal trainer ahead of their wedding day, for a number of sensible reasons. Firstly, it is time efficient! Brides are busy, busy, busy! Most brides will be put off by the idea of spending hours in the gym or simply won’t be able to accommodate this. Spending one hour a week, or more, with a personal trainer, means you are being time efficient and working with a professional who will dedicate that time to getting you the best possible results. Your personal trainer will plan the session and tailor the workout to your specific goals. So whether your goal is toning your arms or fighting some belly flab, you can work at your own pace and with your own goals in mind!

Secondly, it will give you some much needed ‘me-time’ before your wedding day. With all the stress of worrying about everyone else, your one or two hours a week, should be a time to clear your head and de-stress. This is important for you mentally, as well as physically.

Regulate your sleeping patterns

Many brides struggle to sleep enough before the big day, so that by the time the week of your wedding arrives, you are already feeling run down and sleep deprived. Lack of sleep contributes to weight gain, because people are more likely to binge on the wrong types of food when they are tired. You will also be more prone to getting ill and having volatile mood swings, which will no doubt get you the title of ‘bridezilla’ before you know it.

Develop a routine in advance, and make sure you are getting enough sleep. Optimal sleep is usually around 7 hours for most people. By the time your wedding arrives you will feel calmer, radiant and more confident as a result.

Don’t skip meals

Just because this is our last point it doesn’t make it any less important! In fact, nutrition paired with a fitness plan, will be the biggest driver of change in the lead up to your wedding day.

Many brides want the instant results approach to weight loss and think skipping meals is it. It isn’t! Skipping meals is dangerous for your health, and unsustainable in the long term. We find missing meals has the opposite effect for brides. It slows down their metabolism, they often end up snacking on junk food or what we coin ‘empty calories’ and they become more irritable because they are hungry. And, if you are going to jump an a diet fad be sure to research all potential upsides and downsides, like blurred vision on keto diet.

Our recommendation would be three full meals a day, but no pointless snacking. Your in between go-to snacks should be nutritious and serve a purpose. For example a handful of nuts will give you a boost of energy. A piece of fruit will work to satisfy your sweet tooth and a sliced avocado will keep you full between meals.