Tiaras for the bride

When was the last time you wore a tiara? We think that it was some time ago or if you’ve chosen an accessory of such a type surely it wasn’t the most frequent pick.

But for the big night it would be a good idea to have at least some accessories that you can change in order to have a fresh look and different depending on the different moments of the night.

tiaras for the bride

Of course, the veil is going to be the main attraction of the night, but this can be something extremely uncomfortable and for a party the tiara seems to be more appropriate. It can also be worn and changed without making many changes at the level of the hairstyle.
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The imposing bow?

For the brides who have chosen the bow as an essential element for their wedding we consider a tiara just great. You can apply for a similar model with that of your dress or if the wedding dress is simple you can apply for an oversized bow.

A tiara or a feather!

We don’t know for sure if we like it. a beautiful feather can play the role of a tiara always. Of course, the feather has to be treated or bought from the specialized stores. For the thematic weddings you can use feathers that can help you, for example feathers of peacock.

The tiara made of fabric.

For a nonconformist bride a black tiara with a jewelry insertion can be the perfect choice. It’s not the case of renouncing to this idea if this tone doesn’t attract you, you can always apply for a similar fabric to the dress as texture and color.

tiaras for the bride 2

The tiara with jewelry on….

It’s true that a tiara with a jewelry detail can represent the dream of a true princess, so if you don’t want to be predictable you can opt for such a type of tiara. The impact is going to be the same if you’re guests are going to realize that you have a plus of originality and creativity.

tiaras for the bride 3

The vintage tiara….

Probably you’re used with the modern models of tiaras so if you have a vintage inspiration wedding you can look through the archive and choose a model which is not that common to observe. We have a real passion for the tiaras with round details on them.

The flower tiara….

You may be asking where can you obtain such a tiara? Well, you can make them handmade with a flower application and you only need a support that consists of an old band or a ribbon – because you’re going to be the one applying the flower, be it natural or artificial. It’s a simple and that creates a nice impact in the same time.