Bridal flower accessories

You’ve put piece to piece the wedding look with the wedding dress, the arrangements and accessories, the only thing remaining is to decide what you’re going to place in the hairstyle. Well, this won’t seem a hard task at all; in fact it seems to us really easy and great to take into consideration. With our help, there’s no problem in taking the right decision.
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First of all, think of what you imagine yourself looking like in the big day…. Do you want to be a nonconformist bride? Do you want to maintain yourself in the same classic tone or you want to look flashy and glamorous? There’s also the option in which you can look really juvenile and sexy in the same time and for all these situations we’ve got suggestions that relate to each style.

Want to look really juvenile and interesting in the same time? For this matter, we’ve got the perfect solution for which you can apply for and it consists of a bridal hair flower, which is made of white fabric and with stone applications in the middle. You can easily place this hair detail on one side of the head, especially where the hair arrangement looks the most interesting.

If you want to maintain yourself in the classical sphere, then there’s always the option for a bridal hair flower with a veil attached to it. We were thinking of a flower arrangement that is made of semi transparent fabric and it takes the shape of a flower. Let’s also mention that it has pearl and stone applications in the middle and this is what makes it look extra interesting. Also, in the back side you can observe the bridal veil, which continues in a marvelous manner with the rest of the details.

There’s another interesting bridal hair flower that we want to suggest to you and it makes you look extravagant: this one is made of multiple layers of fabric and with feather applications, as well as net details. There’s also the glittery detail in the middle that we want to mention about. It’s indeed a nice flower arrangement, which we consider that looks gorgeous indeed in combination with an extravagant wedding dress.

Another flower hair accessory that we consider taking into account consists of a big flower, which is made of feathers and you can easily place it in one side of the hairstyle that you have. Also, the other interesting thing is that it has hanging some feather details, which we’re sure are going to add an extra playful visual effect to the bridal hairstyle…. Certainly you’re going to fall in love with one of these bridal hair accessories, it’s impossible not to!