Help me, I’m a short bride

Unfortunately, not all of us have the height of a supermodel, which is why there are a lot of short brides out there who find it difficult to feel happy with: themselves in this glorious day. Anyway, in what follows we will offer you a few suggestions on how to look amazing in your wedding day. Therefore, if you are interested in finding out more, you should definitely read the following lines.
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As you probably are aware of; high heels as a short girl’s best friends. It is true that a short lady would gain a few inches if she would wear some elegant shoes with high heels on her wedding day, but at the same time this could be very uncomfortable.

Help me, I'm a short bride - shoesCredit
Help me, I'm a short bride - shoes

If you are used with wearing something like this, then you should totally purchase high heel shoes. But, if you find it hard to walk and dance on such items, then you must wear some shows with a low sole or some wedges. Something like this will definitely make it easier for you and as you know comfort is the number one thing you must have.

Also, a short bride would look much more beautiful in a short or knee length dress. Although long dresses are recommended when throwing an elegant party, sometimes one must pick something that would fit her best, in order to succeed in exposing a flawless image. Thus, you should orientate towards something like this and in this way you will look amazing and sexy, since you will reveal your beautiful legs.

Help me, I'm a short bride - dressCredit
Help me, I'm a short bride - dress

At the same time you should keep in mind the fact that a short lady should not cover herself with lots of accessories. Juts pick something simple, that would add glamour and sophistication to your look and your problem will be solved. If you will have many accessories, you will seem a lot shorter than you really are. So, take care of this problem and have things simpler.

Help me, I'm a short bride - dressCredit
Help me, I'm a short bride - dress

And last but not least, you should feel good about yourselves. Women have this tendency to complain about everything and to always desire the thing that they don’t have. Well, if you want to enjoy your wedding party and if you want to look beautiful in your wedding pictures, you will have to forget about your height or weight, in order to allow yourself some fun in this night. If you will bother about these “problems” it will show and the wedding atmosphere will be ruined. Feel beautiful and thus you will be happy!