Pick the appropriate length for your bridesmaids’ dresses

You, the bride, have purchased the perfect wedding dress for your wedding ceremony, but now you will have to focus on finding the appropriate bridesmaids’ dresses, because your friends must be beautiful and elegant at your wedding ceremony. Let’s say that you have found the perfect colour and model for these dresses, but, what about the length? I mean should these dresses be long or short?
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For the time being, you may try to match your friends’ dresses with your bridal gown, i.e. these dresses could have the same length as your wedding dress.

Pick the appropriate length for your bridesmaids' dressesCredit
Short bridesmaids' dress

So, if you will be wearing a short dress, so must your girls. On the other hand, if you have picked a long dress for this beautiful occasion, then your bridesmaids might well portray the same image. This will show that you are connected by a strong relationship, and therefore have chosen to wear something that will send to this long-time friendship.

But, if the bride has always dreamt about portraying a unique and one of a kind image at her wedding ceremony, then she will definitely ask you to pick long dresses if she will wear a short bridal gown. I believe the bridesmaids will understand this decision and will totally support the bride. After all, this is her big day and everyone will have to please her. Therefore, if a short or long bridesmaids’ dress will be the bride’s preference, then I’m sure that her friends will do whatever it takes to make her happy and content.

Pick the appropriate length for your bridesmaids' dressesCredit
Long bridesmaids' dress

However, if we were to speak about the modern choice we will have to say that neither the short, nor the long dress will be the winner dress. Yes, the cocktail or mid-length dress is the most popular option among bridesmaids these days. So, you would better go for something like this at your contemporary wedding ceremony, in order to have some trendy, elegant, nice and glamorous bridesmaids.

All in all, this matter must be discussed together with your bridesmaids, because even if it is your wedding, their opinion matters too. So, talk to them, listen to their preferences, and choose together; and thus your bridesmaids will feel comfortable in their elegant dresses.