What to take into account when picking the bridesmaid dress

When it comes to picking the bridesmaid dresses, you have to know that the choice is made in common. Of course, you already might have an idea and you are prepared with your own opinions that will be confronted with that of the bridesmaids (you being the bride of course).

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First of all you have to discuss your expectations and details related to the wedding flower arrangements, colors and pieces of décor. Sometimes you can get your inspiration from these elements and steal some things from the palette or maybe attach to the bridesmaid dress a flower that can be observed in the pieces of décor.

Also, if we’re speaking of the colors and flowers, you also have to match the bridesmaid dress with the bouquet that the girls are carrying. A suggestion that we make is related to the fact that each bridesmaid has to look original, she does not have to look like a clone, like the Gemini of the other.

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Bridesmaid dress

The fabric is also a matter of discussion between the bride and the bridesmaids. You know, it can happen that the bridesmaid has a particular allergy to a particular compound of a material and you wouldn’t want her to have itches and rashes due to the lack of discussion between you.

Depending on the shapes of her body, the bridesmaid has to take into account a multitude of shapes for the silhouettes. So, she has to establish what pluses of her body she wants to emphasize and for this matter she has the following picks to make, a dress in: sheath, mermaid, fit and flare, mermaid, princess, baby doll, ball gown or A line silhouette.

This process of picking the bridesmaid dress does not end here, because there’s also the neckline that needs to be taken into account and this pick is made accordingly to the “length” of her neck, as well as the face features, if she has a round face, an oval or diamond and so on. Certain neckline shapes don’t go that great with some features that concern a square face format and a short neck!

So, the bridesmaid has to pick(together with you) between the following types of neckline: off-the-shoulder, bateau neckline, halter, modest, one shoulder, sheer, scoop, strapless, V neck, sweetheart or square.

Also, the neck and the face are not the only features that need to be taken into account when it comes to picking the neckline of the bridesmaid, there’s also the shape of the shoulders, the length of the hair, and last but the most important of them all, the size of the breasts!

The bridesmaid dress can be designed in multiple lengths, starting from tea length, continuing with short and ending with floor length. The great thing about these models, all of them, is that they can be worn during the entire period of the year; if you pick an appropriate type of fabric then the bridesmaid can wear a short piece during a winter wedding.

There are some noncomformist bridesmaids that would love to wear a bridesmaid dress with sleeves! Yes, for the ones that think that these compounds confer an extra interesting look, we have to recall them that there are several sizes: the short ones, the long ones, as well as the ¾. Now, you might be thinking that a model designed with sleeves isn’t interesting at all, but we would like to remove this idea from your head…. How about a bridesmaid dress made on the body, in short length and with long sleeves? Sounds pretty hot doesn’t it? Well, this is in the case in which you are not afraid that all the attention is going to be caught by this piece! Why not take it into account?

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Bridesmaid dress

Also, the sleeves of the bridesmaid dress and dresses in general can have different shape depending on how much you want to cover your arms and in what manner: tank straps, bell sleeves, cap sleeves, spaghetti straps or the puffed ones.

Now after we have shared with you all these details we would like to know how you imagine your bridesmaid dress looking like or the bridesmaid dressed like…. You will have to ask her to be sincere with herself and admit, for instance, that her hips that are probably too prominent will not suit well enough a mermaid bridesmaid dress.

Of course, to us, the most effective manner of picking something consists in eliminating the other options. See what assets the bridesmaid has to offer, what her body looks like and in this manner you will remove the “not quite” models from the list and end up with the appropriate choice!