Funny wedding cake tops

Cakes are great, these are delicious but you need to give them a personal touch when it comes to your wedding day. Besides the great looking cakes and delicious in the same time that we’ve presented up to this moment we would like to offer you some examples of funny wedding cake tops.

funny wedding cake tops

For those that have a great sense of humor we’re going to describe some of these tops and maybe you can apply for one of these in your wedding day.
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The first example we want to present you is a nice couple that stands on top of the wedding cake. It’s a normal miniature couple, no distortions or things like that. The groom is really sad, because the bride seems to have the keys to the entire affair. If you find this idea crazy or that you think that it sounds good, you can take this pattern and apply for it! Oh and another thing: if you want to, the two figurines above can really resemble the two of you with a certain detail or something like that.

The next pair of figurines we want to mention about is really funny and really obscene in the same time. There’s the groom the holds the bride in his arms and she is kissing him with her legs wrapped around his waist. If you don’t consider this top too sensuous then you can apply for it, because it has a humoristic tone too.

funny wedding cake tops2

It is said that most of the men are afraid of marriage; this top seems to tell it all! You can observe the comic side of it: the groom is somewhere down and the bride is literally dragging him with her. There’s also another top that has the same theme: the groom is running away from his responsibilities and his bride is seeing this thing and she takes him from the back and doesn’t let him to run away and well she does!

funny wedding cake tops3

The last wedding cake top we want to speak about consists of the same black and white couple. This time the lady is “the boss”, because she keeps her man in a leash! Many men will feel disgusted with this idea of wedding top, but we consider it kind of funny and there are so many others variants where the women where “humiliated” so you’re even.

funny wedding cake tops4

No matter on what kind of wedding top you decide on, make sure that it resembles both of your personalities and you should put also a humoristic touch in everything you intend on doing regarding your wedding day. Let’s not forget also that if you want some other examples these will be offered in our next topics, and you won’t have wedding tops consisting of a couple- there will be some other examples too!