Models of dresses for the flower girl

As we promised some time ago we want to take care of all the aspects regarding the wedding day. A thing that hasn’t come into our heads up until now is the dress in which that little girl with the flowers is dressed. We present you some nice models of such dresses and we want you to consider them as great options….

models of dresses for the flower girl

We have a nice twist bow dress with bolero as a primary suggestion. The bolero is made of white taffeta, it has a stand collar, it’s open in the front and it has short sleeves. The dress looks absolutely gorgeous and it will certainly be in perfect coordination with the bride’s dress: it’s white, it has a sweetheart neckline and it doesn’t have sleeves.
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On the “corsage” it has twisted bows details, on the back side it has a tie bow and it is combined with an A-line skirt. The little girl can wear a pair of peep toe sandals with bow models in the front in order to fit perfectly to the entire gown. And what now a suggestion regarding the hair: you can leave it just the way it is and place a nice ribbon in the girl’s hair on one side or a simple loop!

models of dresses for the flower girl2

Another nice model regards a nice dress that can be in golden or ivory nuance, which has at the margins flower trims. This piece of clothing has short sleeves and a jewel neckline, an empire waist and also a bow tie in the back of it. The down side of the dress has an A line shape and it can be made of polyester or satin. The girl can wear a pair of silvery or golden ballerina shoes and regarding the hairdo we recommend you to place a flower in one side of the girl’s hair.

models of dresses for the flower girl3

Speaking of flower trims, here’s another great model with such models in the border of the skirt. This dress has a dark ivory or a golden nuance, it has a jewel neckline, it doesn’t have sleeves, empire waist model and the similar bow detail with the ones presented above. The skirt is A line and those floral details that we’ve mentioned before. The shoes are similar to the ones mentioned above and the hairdo is also the same.

models of dresses for the flower girl4

We try to conclude this topic and we promise to speak about such dresses in a future article, but not before giving you a final example of dress for the flower girl! The dress is similar in model to the ones presented above( the least 2). It has a purple trim on the border of the skirt and the waist line is still purple.

This waist line is made of a purple ribbon that ends in the back with a bow tie. As the previous models it has a jewel neckline, it’s sleeveless, the skirt is model A line and there are the same flower trims on the border…. The perfect shoes seem for us the ballerina shoes in white color with a flower trim applied on the front side.

The appropriate hairdo is definitely a simple loop or if you want, you can apply for leaving her long hair just the way it is! Brush it a little bit and put a purple flower near her ear.