Things to know when picking the flower girl dress

The flower girl dresses are as important as the bridesmaid dresses are. You have to make sure that these two models match one with the other in color and model, because it seems that the flower girl can be considered as a “mini bridesmaid”.
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Like in the case of the bridesmaid dresses and the bridal gowns, one can make the pick of the gown throughout the neckline, the silhouette and the gown length. So, you have to make sure that these details are taken into account seriously so that you end with an appropriate pick for the flower girl dress.

flower girl dressCredit
Flower girl dress

Before making up your mind on a particular model you can have a discussion with the little one and ask her how she imagines herself looking. The great thing is that girls always want to look like princesses and there are numerous models designed in this manner. But if you find the flower girl flexible, you can ask her to look at some other models and see on which model she decides on.

So, at the level of the silhouette shape, you can make up your mind on various models that are designed in different ways as to make the flower girl look at her best. You can take into consideration an A – line wedding dress, a ball gown, a princess model of wedding dress or one with sheath silhouette. All these models ought to make the girl look gorgeous in what she’s wearing, because she does not have body proportion problems like brides or bridesmaids claim to have ( in many cases this is all in their imagination, but don’t forget to be realistic on top of all).

At the level of the neckline, you have a big range of possibilities from which you can pick, starting from a neckline that is designed with bateau style, other in halter, a modest type, the off the shoulder model, the one shoulder, scoop, sheer, square, strapless, sweetheart or V – neckline. All of these are possible to be taken into account and let us also add that no matter what pick you make, the girl will look astonishing and to confer a unique air think of what you can add to her dress to realize this image.

As for the gown length, there are also multiple situations and choices that you can make, from a floor length flower girl dress, to one that is designed in a short manner or with tea length. All these options seem suitable and we totally recommend you to ask the girl to dress these different lengths at one time in order to make up your mind on one in the end.

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Flower girl dress

So, don’t worry even in the case in which you have decided for a baby to be the flower girl in your festivity. You have a multitude of models from where to pick the final model and these are designed with all kinds of cute details, which we’re sure are going to seem breathtaking to you.

Also, the range of fabrics from which these flower girl dresses are realized is indeed big and you can pick the dress even according to this aspect. So, there’s the case in which the flower girl dress can be designed in silk or taffeta – it does not matter. The main thing that matters is how the girl feels in the dress that you have chosen for her. Ask her parents whether she has an allergy to a particular fabric, because in certain cases, if the fabric is mixed with synthetic it can cause rashes and itches to the skin and you wouldn’t want that for your flower girl.

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Flower girl dress

Besides the simply designed models with ruffled skirt and in a single color fabric type, there is always the case in which you would rather apply for something more sophisticated, maybe a texture fabric or even a type that has different applications on it. No matter what pick you make, the final product has to match in a way or another with the bridesmaid dresses.

For an extra interesting effect, you may like to add something unique to the look of the flower girl or even to put something on her dress. In this case, we recommend you to use maybe a headband or a flower that can adorn the little one’s hair, or if you really want to make the difference add a flower detail or a similar accessory on the surface of the flower girl dress. Also, the idea with the bow still remains in trend and you can add an oversized bow in one side of the dress, more exactly in the front side, or in the middle back side of the model.