Flower girl’s basket 3

We decided to continue the topic regarding the flower girl’s basket with flowers! We considered that it wasn’t enough…. We felt like we didn’t give you enough examples, so here are some others that you may like to take into consideration.

The first example regards a basket made entirely of pink roses. We mean a normal basket, which is covered with numerous rose buds. The handle is made of a malleable stick and in the interior you can place fresh, green leaves and some other flower buds or petals! It’s important you blend with colors and plants and you reach a great chromatic combination.

flower girl's basket 3

The next model of such basket regards a wooden one that has a vast handle and in the rest it has a bucket shape. Let’s also mention that on the exterior it has some nice models engraved, like two birds that are staying on the same branch. The basket can be dark brown on the interior and cream color on the exterior. You can fill this basket with extra colored flowers in different shapes and sizes.

The next flower basket has a cubic form and it’s made of straws, from each angle it is tied with a ribbon. The basket is green and the ribbon is pale pink. The combination of colors is very interesting and we recommend you to use big orchids or even lilies in a neutral color. We consider this model in particular rather interesting, because the others have a classical aspect with about the same shape.

flower girl's basket 32

We continue with a bucket form basket that has a wide handle, and which is made of straws. This basket may be made of straws, but on the exterior it’s covered with leaves, really fresh and deeply green. You may fill this basket with different colored flowers and also grass, in order to confer a nice chromatic effect.

Another example regards a plain white basket filled with big and pink peony buds. The aspect is quite interesting and you can add at the base of one handle a fade pink ribbon in order to complete the “landscape”.

flower girl's basket 33

The last example regards also a white basket, which may be covered with silk material and some pearls here and there or even on the handle. Place purple flowers in this basket and you’ll see how great it looks.