Ruffled dresses for the flower girls

We promised some other models of dresses for the flower girls. We’re bag and we have some nice ruffled dresses for the girls that carry flowers.

The first model of ruffled dress is in ivory nuance, it has a round neckline and it doesn’t have any sleeves. You can find a shiny ribbon around the waist. The skirt is ruffled and it’s made in A-line of taffeta material. The girl can have a matching ribbon in the hair and place in the front side. The shoes are ballerina models and are in white! The combination is simply delightful and it looks great on the little girl.

ruffled dresses for the flower girls

We continue with another ruffled model of dress. It’s in a faded pink color; it has a ballerina neckline, no sleeves, rose detail on the waist and a pink ribbon in that area. There’s also the tulle skirt and the bodice made of satin! You can apply for a pink ribbon placed in the girl’s hair or leave her hair on the back, natural as it is. As footwear we recommend a pair of ballerina shoes in pink, ivory or golden nuance! Make sure that these shoes are made of a shiny material and you’re all done!

ruffled dresses for the flower girls2

This model is similar to the one presented above, the differences are: it’s in white, the ribbon around the waist line is also white and it her feet the child can wear black ballerina shoes. There’s also the need of mentioning that the skirt is made of tulle and the bodice is made of satin! Leave her curly or straight or apply a white ribbon in her hair!

ruffled dresses for the flower girls3

We would like to end the examples of nice models of dresses for the flower girls with this one. It is a deux piece gown, composed of bolero and a ruffled dress with floral details on it. So you have a white organza dress in white nuance. It has a round neckline and no sleeves. The skirt is A-line made of ruffled satin with stripes on it and there’s somewhere in the left a rose detail made of material. The waist is banded and you can find a bow in the back side. Now, we’re going to talk a little bit about the bolero, which is also white and it’s made of transparent material, more specific it is made from organza.

ruffled dresses for the flower girls4

It has short sleeves and a button in the front. These two pieces of clothing together, can we worn with a pair of peep toe shoes with a bow detail in the front part. These shoes can have a little high heel and can be worn in white or black colors. Ad for the detail we recommend a small tail and you’re finished!