The flower girl’s basket 2

We would like to continue the topic regarding the flower girl’s baskets, because we think that it preoccupies you too.

So we start with another white basket, made of cardboard that has some nice motifs on it: some branches with pink flowers on it! This basket is quite small, but it can hold a big quantity of flowers and petals in it….

the flower girl's basket 2

The next model is also white and it has some nice marine motifs on it. It’s covered on the exterior with ruffled material, maybe silk and it has around the handle some green plants that imitate algae and at the basis of the handles there are rose flowers in yellow nuance together with some yellow sea stars.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Who could imagine that you can have a basket made entirely of flowers? There are small buds of chrysanthemum in yellow green nuance that unite and create a nice basket. This basket is tied with a brown transparent ribbon as handle and at the basis of this handle you have two bows made of shiny transparent fabric.

the flower girl's basket 22

There’s also a basket made of white painted straws that looks really interesting: it’s a mixtures of cylindrical form and an extra large margin made also of the same material. The handle is wide and you can be sure that there’s a great combination between these elements, because the final variant of the basket looks indeed great! You can fill this basket again with some pink petal roses and the effect is guaranteed.

The last suggestion regards a brown basket made of straws. This is a big one, and it needs to be filled with big buds! You can put there buds like: roses, peonies, chrysanthemums or orchids! Make sure that the combination is between white, pink and green and you can be sure that it will look gorgeous! The handle of the basket is wide and you can place flowers almost next to it! You can place some pink ribbons with white dots at the basis of each handle ending!

As you can see there are so many models of such baskets, and you can be sure that you have where to pick from! Make sure that the flowers and the basket match with the bride’s dress and the flower girl’s dress also!