The flower girl’s basket

The last topic regarded the flower girl’s dress. The most interesting thing is that we didn’t mention anything about the flowers she carries with her and neither about the basket in which the flowers are hold. So, today’s topic is dedicated to these accessories that the flower girl has and it’s quite an interesting subject, in perfect coordination with the last article!

the flower girl's basket

The first suggestion regards a square basket in white! This basket is probably made of cardboard, because the girl shouldn’t carry hard stuff! It may contain some rose petals that the girls should throw in the air. Another aspect regards the string with which she’s carrying the basket! The string is made of malleable straws and it matches perfectly with the white basket and the yellow petals of roses.
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This time we’re going to speak about baskets only! What about a nice basket made in a pleasant combination with white and blue?! The entire basket is made in white and it has one blue strap with marine motifs: a silvery water star and some clams embroidered on the blue strap! At the base of the silvery star you can place a white ribbon, really thin! This combination looks interesting and you can match it perfectly with the pillow on which the rings are held!

the flower girl's basket2

We continue with another white basket in round form. This time it’s covered with silk that has some nice floral embroidery on it! At the basis of the string where you hold it you have two bows made of ribbons! In the basket you can place both yellow and pink petals of roses. This combination is exquisite and you can be sure that you’re completely successful with it!

Another suggestion regards a basket made of really thing branches! It is a great combination of brown, green and yellow nuances! Inside of this basket you may have some white petals placed! This looks enchanting and be sure that your basket will catch your guest’s eyes: it’s a green product!

the flower girl's basket3

Black and white will always be a delightful combination! A white basket, covered in white silk that is and on one side of it you can place a wonderful black and white bow! You can have this combination of non colors on the pillow on which the rings are carried! The same motifs can be placed there: the black and white bow on the white pillow covered with silk! Totally enchanting, don’t you think so?