Models of floral arrangements

For many couples it can be a hard decision to decide on a certain theme for their wedding and especially what type of floral arrangements to adopt! The flowers are basic for a wedding ceremony; they highlight the beauty and confer a certain freshness to the entire event! So we`ve made a brief list of floral arrangements and if you have other ideas, we`re open to new views as long as you share them with us!


We start with a nice and deep red rose bud that is placed on a cloth that surrounds the chair! Around this bud you may place a small crown made of glittery stuff or small white flowers!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
The next example is a big vase that can be placed on the centre of the table and a big bunch of tulips in all colors possible! This is a feast to the eyes and this big vase will cover all the attention of the guests! Place around this vase some candles in order to create a nice chromatic effect!

You can have a big floral arrangement in the center of the salon in order to create a colored imagine of the entire event! You can have a multitude of flowers in red, pink or violet nuances and make them like a big round or square layer. Above it you can place a vase with other such colored flowers and certainly this arrangement will take everyone`s eye because it`s hard to decide what`s the real message of the deal!


You can also adopt for vintage and metallic candle holders on which you place nice bouquets of flowers beginning from orchids to roses and tulips and let`s not forget you should also place some nice colored candles there! The effect is breathtaking and the holders don`t look rigid, they inspire life and energy!

You can have also a small crown made of flowers, round with pink or lively colored flowers on which you place a big and silvery candle! Place this floral decoration in centre of the table and the guests will certainly have space to place their glasses, plates and their own accessories, without any problems! This floral arrangement is nice and also it doesn’t occupy much space!

You can also apply for a traditional vase placed in each corner of the room (if the room has corners) and place some nice white roses together with some green elements and the effect is guaranteed!

You can have a multitude of floral arrangements, placed in front of every two chairs! On the external sides of the table you can have one vase that has a bouquet from the same flowers of those used in the floral arrangements mentioned before! You can apply for a nice combination of white, violet and purple flowers with long green elements!


Let`s not forget about a big “ball” if it can be said in that way, of white flowers, roses in particular, mixed with pink ones! This type of arrangement looks great placed in center of a table and goes very well combined with a white table cover with silky ans hiny pattern!