Ornaments made of fruits and vegetables

The wedding arrangements placed on the tables can’t consist only of flowers, candles and things like that. You can have nice decorations made of food, especially fruits or vegetables. It’s important you get some idea of what we’re talking about and you can apply them to your wedding. You can have these arrangements placed in every guest’s plate or on the table where you’ve placed the buffet!

Ornaments made of fruits and vegetables

The first example we like to mention about regards a red watermelon! You can’t do this in your own hands, but you can ask the persons working there to place similar ornaments on the tables…. So, here’s the first example: the watermelon mentioned above that has nice models created with a knife. This fruit looks like a big red flower and on the margins you can see nice models pierced also with the knife, like sharpened corners that look like leaves. Place this nice ornament into a wooden plate and around it put some small radishes that are cut in such ways as to create little flowers.

The next model of arrangement is similar to the one mentioned above, only the watermelon isn’t cut until the core. You can see nice waves that are created with the help of the thick peel! The same “treatment” can receive a yellow watermelon; leave a half uncut and the other half with nice models and patterns on it, as if it is a nice and white flower. These types of ornaments look really great on tables and aren’t designated for being eaten….

Ornaments made of fruits and vegetables2

You can have both a yellow or red watermelon on which you can create nice leaves with the help of a knife. These ornaments, as mentioned before, can’t be done by you. You only need to come with these suggestions and propose them to the chef or the people working in the kitchen at the salon where the party will take place.

Carrots are also great for being modeled. One can create beautiful fish with different models and lines. Place them in the plates together with a leaf of salad. These little figurines can be consumed with different types of aliments, like cheese or meat. They look great on a black or white plate.

Ornaments made of fruits and vegetables3

You can have also flowers made of carrots, peppers or different other vegetables. Tale carrots and cut them in shape of flowers, the same think you can do with boiled eggs, cheese…. There are so many things that you can do with food and vegetables…. Make leaves for the flowers of cucumbers or broccoli! Play with imagination and ask the chef to help you with other ideas, to present you as many possibilities as he can! You have from where to choose, be certain of that!