Best Wedding Destinations Around the World

Why save the vacation for the honeymoon? Here are our top wedding destinations around the world. The choice is yours!


If you are looking for a more private and sentimental destination then this is the place to choose. It is a wedding and a honeymoon all in one, with; wonderful waves and romantic beaches. Jamaica is one of the most romantic destinations in the world, why would you not get married here?


Beautifully untouched. Hardly any vehicles, a low population, pink sandy beaches, few billboards and no fast food franchises expect for one KFC. Bermuda has an all round peaceful and uplifting vibe and ultimately emits a sense of pure, content culture.


With breathtaking beaches, warm waves and a beautiful culture and community. Mexico has a great history, and has some great locations for wedding ceremonies. The most famous being beach ceremonies, with bright blue skies and white sand and decorations this is a simply picturesque wedding destination.

Paris, France 

A Paris wedding is inevitably going to be elegant and classical. Paris already provides the antique, vintage feel that the wedding may also have. The wedding can be great value for money whilst being luxury at the same time. Paris is world-know for its romantic setting. Please remember when travelling within Europe (if you’re from a country within the EEA) to carry your European health insurance card, and if you do not have one, click here.

Phucket, Thailand 

Whether you would like to marry on the beach, in the temple or even your private villa, Phuket is a fantastic choice. If you marry here, it will literally be a wedding in paradise. With amazing, exotic birds and extremely pretty sunsets. This is a destination that you should definitely consider.